Adam West's Batman helps kids cross the street safely


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Wonder who the woman was in that half-second splice at the end there?


Pah! When I was a kid, we had Darth Vader:

Also Doctor Who, being a bit Dada-ist:


Holy uncomfortable silence, Batman!


Yeah, and Tufty the squirrel.
Also, Imay have tried to use the Force to stop traffic, but not an acorn.


It’s a bummer it’s not Gotham with its tall buildings, then they could have used their utility belts to throw a line across the gap and swung themselves across, safely above the path of oncoming traffic.


On the other hand, they’re in Birmingham, so instead they could use the canal network to get around.
As Brummies will tell you, Birmingham has more miles of canal than Venice. It smells better too.


there’s a decent chance that film is exactly as old as i am, which feels really weird.


My dodgy memory remembered there being a Green Cross Code PIF with Jimmy Savile in it, but it was actually about car seatbelts.


One of the most endearing things about Adam West Batman is that he’d never, ever break the law even in the name of catching a dangerous crook. They even explained that the only reason he was allowed to drive the Batmobile above the speed limit was that he had been officially deputized as an officer of the law and always made sure to have the light and siren blaring.

So of course jaywalking would be right out.


Very nice, but they missed the chance of Batman turning into a lollipop man by pulling the trademark circular-sign-on-a-pole out of his utility belt.


Adam West was really the best Batman.


He was also a strong proponent of buttermilk and its restorative qualities, god bless him.


"And, yes, kids! All Yanks do dress this way!

</adam west voice>

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