Bat-signal to shine above LA to honor Adam West


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Bat-Signal to shine over Los Angeles in memory of Adam West

Searchlights over Hollywood… maybe I’ll watch 1941 this weekend.

Anyway, LA isn’t Gotham City, but this is still an excellent idea.




I find myself wondering how they’re going to do that. Because simply applying a decal to a search light like they did in the TV series wouldn’t work.


Same Bat-Channel, Same Bat Time!




How does this work with no clouds?
(reads TFA…)
"the iconic Bat-signal, which will be projected onto the tower of Los Angeles City Hall "


They could project it onto the smog.



That’s a cool gesture.



It would be really cool if it could be seen from West Adams.


LA was the Adam West Batman’s Gotham City, so it works.
(In fact, I recall the biggest kick I got out of seeing the movie spun off from the TV show - for years the only thing legally available on video with that version of the character - for the first time in years, out of the fact that it had Batman & Robin cruising around in the Batmobile in the middle of the day in the full-on sunshine; I couldn’t help but snicker at how that flew in the face of the current wisdom that Batman had to stick to night & shadow.)


That was partially due to the upbeat tone of the show and partially due to the limits of color film technology of the time. “Nighttime” scenes would often just be well-lit scenes shot with tinted lights or a blue filter over the lens.


All the back projected driving scenes from the show showed the streets of Manhattan. And as I recall across the river from Gotham was “New Guernsey.”


That doesn’t really apply to the scenes in the '66 film spinoff that I’m referring to, as opposed to show episodes. These are just plain set in the daytime.


But that’s his point. They set them in the daytime BECAUSE color didn’t work well for night shots.


Exactly; just look at the opening credits for the movie. They were supposed to evoke the characters slinking around at night and they looked like crap.


At least the funds are likely to go to the intended recipients.


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