Watch Batman evolve over 70 years

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We owe Tim Burton SO MUCH…


Not as much as he owes Frank Miller :wink:


"Adam West still wins."
Beyond a shadow of a doubt:


Most concise tutorial on how to run a tech start-up ever.

I want to see a “Walter White / Heisenberg Skypes With Himself” version.

I sat through he first half of the video. Not a good compilation, IMO. It skipped the voice acting of Batman in the various WB animated series that gave Batman much of his character in those shows, but the video includes Mark Hamil’s Joker. Hamil was great, but, uhm, how about we hear from, you know, batman?

In retrospect, “Robocop as Batman” is a pretty amazing idea. Did I miss “Batman: The Brave and the Bold” in there? That was one of the best ones!

He just brought Bats together…

no video needed

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You should probably watch it again.

For the first 50 years – yeah, I can see him evolving.

But the last 20? His genome has shifted into a mutational overdrive.

Sadly, Millionaire’s weird-yet-authentic take has yet to be animated:

Ooooh, this pumped me to finally order the volume Bizarro World - the 2nd volume (and last in the series?) of weird, non-mainstream takes on DC characters. The first volume contained the above story, and the second contains another. Which is online somewhere, but I can’t be arsed to find it now. I’m only 10+ years behind the times…

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I watched the first half. Not gonna do that again.

But…Ah, nevermind.

I love Adam West but The Dark Knight Returns was hands down the best Batman feature film .

(It would have been epic if they had thrown in Adam West and maybe even an animated Batman as well. Maybe a couple non-US Bat-ripoffs, too.)

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