Adorable photos of tiny baby doing super manly things


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Wow Jennifer’s body is so back!!


Now that’s the kind of man-baby I can support!


thanks I feel less “manly” than a baby now


Anyone have the babies with tubas from the office?


I humbly suggest that there are certain super manly things that – if done by a baby – would not be thought adorable. In fact, you may end up wanting to smack the baby around a bit.


Manly things?


Yeah, manly things


Don’t neglect to load the last photos at the bottom of the gallery. There’s one showing how Ryan has grown, which is only evident in relation to the dinosaur next to him. Way to go, Ryan!


Awww. Gender stereotypes are adorable!


Wouldn’t Ryan be a baby-man? It’s a small but important difference.


Well, looks like he is fit to run in 2020.


According to the conveniently timed autobiographical piece by one such baby; I’d go with “probably worse than that for all involved parties”.


These are hilarious and well-done! Quick, somebody say something negative!



It’s as complete as it’s gonna get, yo.


You seriously don’t see how this sort of thing undermines attempts to end gender essentialism when even places like BB that portray themselves as progressive, feminist, queer-friendly places propagate this stuff because “Aww innit cute!”?

Breaking down gender stereotypes isn’t just about writing angry blog posts when Kleenex name their big tissues “mansize”, you have to actually stop perpetuating the idea of referring to traits as “manly” or “womanly” or whatever based on the same set of cultural norms you keep deploring.

When people reblog this sort of thing and help it gain visibility they’re helping to keep that sort of language and thought current and widespread, and while it’s far from the worst thing anyone’s doing in that regard, it’s certainly not helpful.


I’m sorry but…

“helping to keep that sort of language and thought current and widespread”

Humans find and reinforce patterns whether they exist or not. How precisely would reducing the frequency of that type of language create an environment where those patterns are not sought?

Is your argument that in the absence of the language describing the pattern that a new pattern would be found when somebody examines the actions involved? If so I have news for you…

My suspicions are that if you want the cultural mores to change to an open acknowledgement that gender is not descriptive then altering the current language used about gender before those changes happen would be unhelpful. Pointing out the thing like you’ve done probably IS helpful, so I mean…don’t stop.

I doubt that seriously policing language will help, even though attempting to police language probably will help. I don’t know my thoughts are weird here.

“Adorable photos of tiny baby adulting” is a better title regardless of why, since right now it sounds like a BuzzFeed article :slight_smile:

Do you suppose the ethical responsibilities are different for public entities like boing boing? If so, what do you suppose their guidelines ought to be and when would it be above reproach for them to ignore those guidelines?





I may be biased since I have never been into most “manly” things. But my response to these photos was to see it it as mocking all these behaviors as “man-only” activities. See, even a baby can do it. This manly stuff is pure BS. A fiction most men tell themselves to feel more important. I lack the gene to care about competing on such stuff. Although I do have the gene that disallows asking for directions so not saying I am better than anyone. We all have things to work on.


I’m on it! Seriously though, the photos are cute. I’m taking issue with how they are presented. Man’s work is shitty the way Woman’s work is. Baby doing ‘Adult’ things? That’ll wash.