Adorable young fox discovers frost for the first time

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Do they even stock wee foxfaces in non-adorable?

It’s a tragedy that even the soviet selective-breeding research foxes apparently make pretty questionable pets; because having a lustrous puppycat would be fantastic.


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Play cute games, win cute prizes.

Get that fox its own chicken coop!!!


So fox “hunting” in England is apparently still a thing, and the people who do it are equal-opportunity animal abusers.

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I’m afraid to say that this time of year sees the vast majority of damage done by foxes as the young ones go about the business of becoming independent and learning about stuff. We’ve got a young one here causing havoc in our garden as it seems to think it is a good site for its next home. Tree roots exposed, shit everywhere, feathers everywhere, and the contents of several neighbours’ food waste bins strewn all over the grass and beds. And we live on the edge of a huge wild area it could easily find a new territory in. Steps have been taken and it has hopefully pissed off somewhere else.

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Foxes are far more energetic than the energetic-est pupper breeds & mixes, and they pee on everything. Some will use a litter box, but it appears none are anywhere near as consistent about using them as cats are. Foxes V much enjoy chewing on things, too, and the couches and chairs in many fox owners’ videos display results of this tendency.

The best thing for those of us who love foxes is enjoying videos. Some of the best are the ones from Save A Fox Rescue, and donating to them and/or buying their merchandise is a great idea, to help them care for their foxes, and to rescue more from fur farms and pet surrenders.

American foxhunts do not go out to kill foxes, and haven’t for many decades. Hunt staff actually feed (esp during winter and other slim times) and medicate the foxes in their area, placing food near known dens. Foxes who are ill or injured are humanely trapped and taken to vets for treatment whenever possible, and released back into the wild, or taken to rescuers who will care for them for the rest of their lives.

This story needs the Delightful Creatures tag! :smiley:


As the intertubez taught me, “foxes are cat software running on dog hardware”.

That’s why they’re awesome. They’re the hackintosh of the animal kingdom.


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