Savage fight between dog and fox


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I don’t know how either survived.


@beschizza do you get joy out of posting such shocking videos for us to watch?


I remember when Boing Boing was a directory of wonderful things.


Innocence only exists so it can die


It’s so bloody and violent that even Theresa May might decide to vote against fox hunting :wink:


If I were home I could post more terrifying pictures of dogs and foxes interacting.


Nature, red fluffy and adorable in tooth and claw.


She’s so cute!


Real ruff footage.


It gives me no pleasure, but I must fulfill my duties.


I am so freaking confused…

Who is Fig? Which one is Moose? Someone is named Juniper, and are there two Junipers a large and small one?



The comments make me feel like the headline is misleading for comic effect, and there actually is no savage fight, but I can’t bring myself to watch since I may be wrong. The value of watching a cute dog video does not outweigh the slight risk of watching a savage one.


Rob is being facetious with the title of the post :slight_smile: Don’t tell him i said so.




It’s okay. The headline is totally misleading, it’s completely adorable. Nothing furred or feathered is harmed, I promise. We’re just having fun with it. :wink: Enjoy the video!


It’s an age-old war that never stops.


Animals aren’t terrible.


I love foxes. Theyare the fluffy bringers of joy and happyness.


And, occasionally, Echinococcus multilocularis.


Schrodinger’s dogfight