Adult Swim launches its first VR entertainment project: The Virtual Brainload, with WEVR

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Also ‘We’re pretty sure everyone who watches Adult Swim is stoned.’


My 1080p 2GHz phone with 2GB of RAM would be super sweet for this, except it doesn’t have a damn magnetic sensor, so no cardboard for me :angry:

Actually it does, but somehow it’s not the kind meant for a flip cover. WTF?

Please explain the problem? I’ll look at it tomorrow…

I’ve used cardboard before, and have the latest android on my Nexus 4, but it says “your device isn’t compatible with this version”

It says “1 download” is this maybe some kind of hoax? There were 10 reviews.

(Sorry I just fixed a typo, had put Nexus 5 meant Nexus 4)

So basically, they also shopped at radio shack for their entertainment in the 90s

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As one who has regular acces to a Rift DK2, it kind of bugs me that Android is (finally) getting exclusive titles…

All glory to hypnotoad

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