Africa's cellphone sneakernets for music sharing

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I’ve been enjoying the tunes supplied by a link somewhere in the midst of the slideshow all afternoon:

Wait, there’s a means of communication the NSA can’t monitor?


only because they don’t care enough to check, yet. If they suspected this sort of process was being used for things they’d actually want to listen to, they’d find a way.

Welcome to my life before the Internet.

We called the networks “Adidasnet”, and used tapes instead of solid-state storage (for both music and computer games), but the principle was the same.

It’s called “informants”. Or also “rats”, “narcs”, “infiltrators”, “covert agents”, “moles”, “plants”, and a myriad of other names.


This was also on Afropop Worldwide a couple of months ago:

It’s awful hard to tap Sneakernet, as you point out it requires “Humint,” which they say the US is getting worse at.


This reminds me of a site that I would like to share with you guys.

Awesome Tapes from Africa

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