Incredible Afrobeat music from Mali


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That got me out’a my seat and busting some moves.


Good stuff! Friday happy hour starting early today!

For some more groovy Afropop check out this collection from D. Brynes Luaka Bop collection:


And — if you haven’t heard of them before — I would like to recommend the Éthiopiques series of records.


The way the African diaspora has influenced global culture is pretty amazing-- Africans are brought to America, turn their traditional music into the blues, which becomes jazz and rock and soul and hip-hop, and each one of those styles spreads out across the globe like a virus, and it comes back to Africa and mutates some more.

Whenever I hear some alt-right scumbag mention how “multi-culturalism has failed” I just shake my head: it hasn’t, and music is the perfect example-- it’s the ultimate melting pot-- chances are that same scumbag listens to music that owes a debt to the African diaspora.



…both of which are heavily influenced by African music.


Those assholes should be doomed to listen to Mantovani for all eternity.


This is pretty awesome stuff. I guess it is partly the novelty, but it certainly gets you wriggling.


Well, that’s ironic. . . considering there’s a compilation of Nigerian country & western music coming out this Record Store Day.


When real people put their heart into music it affects all of us who are alive at the level of the soul…Makes our asses wanna move makes us want to grin and spit in the eye of adversity…Makes us look at the haters and laugh cause they can never know the joy of life itself. We don’t hate you back haters…you ain’t worth the effort


Something that I’ve struggled with my entire life: I absolutely cannot stand Western classical music. Despite being about as WASP as you can possibly get (I speak like fucking Prince Charles) - it’s just awful to me. Whiney, drone scratch music of the most boring order. To be doomed to listen to Mantovani fills me with the utmost horror.


Video or it didn’t happen.


Malian music rules.



Thank you! Geez!!


Are you sure you’re not conflating two vastly different styles just because they both use an orchestra? I would never think of Mantovani as anywhere near the same genre as western classical music.


What I like is that I can’t type and, uh … well, I gotta go now.


Or Lawrence Welk?

Here is a yuge multi-cultural fail:


Pretty much. I like Western symphonic music but can’t stand Mantovani…

…or Lawrence Welk.