Afroman turns police raid into song exposing the ridiculous nature of said raid

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Grown men paid to vandalize peoples property and believing that they are untouchable, how the hell does that ever make any sense. Where are the stats on the number of BS searches where cops steal whatever looks good vs when they actually find what they claim to be looking for. Cops planting crap does not count but probably can’t be proven or they killed the property owner just to keep things looking legitimate. I can’t say the thing about all cops being bastards because I know some great bastards, none of them cops. Just Fuck!


Just a note on basic door security: reinforcing your hinges and strike plates can at least make break-ins like these more difficult. The minimum/easiest thing you can do is replacing the short screws that just go through the door frame with something longer that goes into the wall studs.


Okay, same melody as Because I Got High, but I still give it a thumbs up because he’s funny. :+1:



This performance reminded me of Jamaican Riddim, where various artists use the same backing track with different vocals.

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He actually has two songs about the incident, the other being

and a bit catchier I’d say.
Also there is this:

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Three songs

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The money was deemed “a criminal” and the cops get to keep it. Civil asset forfeiture is a major police fundraising tool. If Afroman wants it back he’ll have to hire a lawyer to represent the money and prove it was not involved in a crime.


Season 3 Nbc GIF by The Office

Now I’m in the mood for some lemon pound cake.

Seriously, I think someone is trying to make life hard for Afroman because of his stance on legalizing marijuana, and not much else.

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