After 17 years, luxury hotel lifts ban for man whose pepperoni brought disaster to his room


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Someone better make an Oscar-winning short film of this incident.

Ok Oscar-nominated. There might be a better film nominated that year.


Maybe the 17 year ban was really meant to be the lifetime of the seagulls



Or at least a music video


No such thing as too much pepperoni brought disaster .



He may have been given a lighter “sentence” if he had been a huge rock star (with his entourage) and had completely trashed the room.


That is as funny as Neal Stephenson’s description of Randy Waterhouse’s ride in a Philippines Jeepney in Cryptonomicon!


I feel like it should be directed by Guy Ritchie, a la Snatch or Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, where the last act is where the story goes off the rails and its just chaos.


“That Burchill included a pound of Chris Brothers pepperoni with the letter as a peace offering may have had something to do with it too.”

Honestly, after that bit of trolling, I’m surprised they didn’t ban him for another 17.


the movie short better include the line “Mistakes were made,” too, because while he didn’t say it (according to the story, anyway), it’s just too perfect.


I think the phrase shitstorm is also apt for this story





agreed. that could be the name of the movie!


Shitstorm At The Fairmont Empress Hotel

Directed by Guy Ritchie.

Who gets the starring role? I’d prefer it to be played with a straight man a la Leslie Neilsen vs someone playing up the absurdity of the story.


There was also this:

Burchill tried to dry the shoe with a hairdryer, and when his phone rang, distraction caused the hairdryer to plunge into a sink filled with water.

“I don’t know how much of the hotel’s power I knocked-out, but at that point I decided I needed help,” Burchill wrote.


It seems odd to mention that he’s a naval reservist.


Whats odd about a reserve seamen?


Obviously you haven’t met too many Canadian Navy reservists.