After 48 Hours, only 15 players remain in the "Finger on the App" challenge

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I’m going to develop an app that also gets millions of people downloading and granting vast permissions, then I’ll mine every bit of data you have on your devices and send it to my masters in China/Russia/Dimension-X.


Not to belittle Hands on a Hardbody in the digital age, but couldn’t someone easily rig up a stylus pen on a maneuverable soldering stand to win this? You could easily move the pen as needed.

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That montage is even more cruel than people voting for $0 when they fail.

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So many wasted human cycles! So glad my kids aren’t allowed smartphones.


So… TikTok, in other words?

I’ve seen some people doing that - and failing. Presumably it requires a fair amount of attention for a rapid response to demands, which isn’t terribly compatible with that set-up. But yeah, presumably that would make things a lot easier because it would also facilitate multiple people taking shifts.

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making your username “HeyZeerre” to get a shout-out from a contestant so that Siri opens and fucks them.

That is a 21st century troll-ississimo.


Pretty sure that’s what’s happening.


Too late, that is literally what TikToc is, but only to China.

I don’t know who is the bad guy in this scenario, so I’ll say ALL OF THEM

Looks like the non cynical side is winning if I interpret that displayed $17k prize correctly!

That’s the first thing I thought too. This is some depression era shit.


Yeah, you couldn’t be actively involved in watching it and responding to the demands of the app for 48+ hours straight as a single person. It’s just easier if it’s a stylus rather than a finger maintaining contact.

Me too!

I haven’t seen it since it first came out over 50 years ago, and still remember the scene.

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