After a manager at a Dollar General asked about the unionization of a nearby store, the company fired her


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Expect the dollar store to support a living wage.

[note sarcasm]


I’ve always been weary of buying from dollar stores, i generally avoid them unless i’m buying disposable stuff and even then it’s pretty rare that i do.


Same here. When I do I try to buy from a non-chain store since these tend to be entry-level immigrant owned-and-operated businesses. The merch seems to be exactly the same.


Congratulations, you are now the Vice President in Charge of Scutwork. Now get busy!


I was mildly involved in the effort to unionize the graduate student workers at the University of Missouri.

Fun fact!: Missouri is a state which has the right to unionize in it’s state consitution. The Right to Work law will make it difficult for unions to collect the needed money to function, but they can’t actually prevent a union from forming as it’s a right just as speech is a right.

This lady will likely make a tidy settlement.


Are stores generally ionized?


It depends on whether you can buy salt there.


Dollar General: former CEO, Senator David Perdue, R-GA


Unfortunately it will be large bags of crumpled up $1s.


An injury to one is an injury to all!




… well, if a purchase can be charged…



I Thank God we live under a system by which men have the right to strike.

Abraham Lincoln ( R )


Isn’t Missouri (like much of the US) an at-will employment state? In which case (as I understand it), the only thing you can’t be fired for is membership in a protected class.


Shall I assume by the use of sabo cat that the dollar general store organized under the IWW?


Don’t morn organize.


At least, not before coffee.