After almost 30 years, the iconic voice of Mario is retiring

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It’s a someone else!


Just please don’t replace him with Chris Pratt.


The voice actor is in another castle.


I feel like they’ve got plenty of existing Mario voice clips to just reuse them for future games.


I appreciated that he at least had a cameo in the Mario movie.

I sincerely hope this is something mutual (Charles’ throat just wearing out from it or whatever) and not “we need a new, star-powered voice”.


30 years is a lot! And yet I never got used to it and always thought the voice was off because I was expecting him to sound like Lou Albano.


F in the chat for the voice of every Dovahkiin’s favourite mentor and friend: Party Snacks (Paarthurnax) from Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

I had to go look this up. Holy nuts. I played the hell out of Skyrim when it came out, and at least twice since then. Still an amazing game, although my most recent playthrough was really different as, with all DLC installed, I started getting early attacks by vampires which were a very post-game content item for me before. I can’t believe that was Mario!

The “Allow Paarthurnax to live” mod was the first one I installed in the game. I just couldn’t bump him off.

I believe it’s already been confirmed that he was not involved in Super Mario Bros. Wonder or the upcoming Wario game. If they have a major “get” for VO work, they’re showing extreme patience with announcing who it is. Considering their keeping Martinet on, it is probably just a matter of his retiring the voices for other reasons. I’m giving Nintendo the benefit of the doubt here.:crossed_fingers:t4:

I thought they were having a laugh when I heard Party Snax was voiced by Mario but it’s true. “Paarthurnax Dilemma” was my mod of choice. Delphine, you said that The Blades serve The Dragonborn. I am they. Let me demonstrate by Unrelenting Force-ing you off this cliff…

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