After Florida raids data scientist's home, commissioner and vice-chair for 12th Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission resigns

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I have never understood this sort of resignation.
The system I’m in is paramount.
The system is broken.
I can see the reasons it’s broken, and they are…
I am leaving my position of power within the system.
Now I can’t help fix it.

Brilliant! You are a real hero!


At a certain point, if you recognize you have no power to stop injustice in the system, then continuing to be a part of the system can feel like complicity. I don’t blame anyone who wants to wash their hands rather than participate in a farce.


His “position of power within the system” was entirely contingent on the approval of Ron DeSantis. There’s not really much he could have done in that position to push back against a governor who he’s lost confidence in; resigning in protest attracts more attention to his message than staying in office would have.


Both you and @thadboyd are correct. Once the fascists are in charge and doing fascist things without shame, someone with a high profile position inside the system can only do so much without getting his name on a hit list. Stay too long and one might be unfairly lumped in with the fascists. This case is illustrative:


I’m sure it does but I am more interested in action and not perception so I would have rather he stay in and work to solve the problem.

To me that is spineless self serving defeatism.

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“I’m literally and publicly sacrificing my career instead of lending legitimacy to a fascist regime” is the opposite of “spineless.”

Spineless is all the cowardly people who refuse to rock the boat or speak up for fear of jeopardizing their own position, comfort and safety.


So… what’s your solution, then; since it’s all so cut and dry? How, in all your infinite wisdom and vast experience, would you solve this particular problem?


At some point, you have to decide whether you’d rather be inside the tent pissing out, or outside the tent pissing in.


Right, like all the Republicans and Libertarians who usually cry over the power of the oppressive state remaining silent in this case or trying to shift the conversation to something else when the opportunity presents itself.

A lower-level staffer can stay within the system and monkey-wrench the fascists (e.g. the agency staffers trying to delay and undermine Biff’s last-minute assault on the environment), but the things someone in a position like this can do are more limited. A public and loud resignation is a more effective approach in this case.


It sounds like -for you- it doesn’t matter what the personal cost is, to the one who wants to leave, it doesn’t matter how badly sidelined their job becomes, it doesn’t matter how poorly the employee is treated or what happens to their reputation: There is always something constructive that can be done from inside, and no matter how small that something is, it’s always worth it.

I doubt you’ve ever worked inside a truly toxic environment. You would most likely feel differently.


That’s a really pertinent story! I’m intrigued by this concept of “denazification” and I’m really creeped out to imagine what it’ll take to “detrumpify” our own infection.


Those who remain quiet are certainly below the protest quiters in this metric.


The Judicial commision recommends judges. This can have a great effect on the justice system.

you heard wrong as this strawman interpretation could not be more deviating from my point.

What makes you think you know me and my life experiences?

Good for Ron Filipkowski. Having lifelong republicans publically speak out against the trump/desantis brand of incompetence in response to the pandemic is one of the necessary steps to getting the whole country to treat it with the gravity required for us to get back to being able to go about our lives without fear of spreading a deadly virus


And oh boy, this dude has been LOUD today. Alllllllll over the news, just saw his interview on Cuomo’s show and it was fantastic. Dude does not give two shits about pissing DeSantis off.

That’s only a recommendation, not an actual appointment. A recommendation = ignorable.


Sitting at home self righteously yelling at the internet < Recomending Judges.

I don’t know. Personally, I would rather try and fix the issue instead of pissing and moaning about it. Running around giving interviews will very likely have no effect on real change beyond self agrandizing bliss, where as if you are a loud voice at the table that chooses judges you can have actual effect toward change.

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