Parkland parent Fred Guttenberg: "Depraved" and "dangerous" Greene "needs to be removed"

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People may be thinking that because Biden was elected, we’re out of the woods.

We are not.

The GOP base is still there. And it 2022, they’re going to be out in force. And it’s going to be bad.


what a hideous example of humanity is marjorie taylor greene
a more wretched and contemptible individual is rarely to be seen
watch as she pursues stoneman douglas shooting survivor david hogg on the street
for this and so much more she should find congressional expulsion to be her treat


I used to think that 2 years wasn’t long enough to really do much as a Representative.

Now it seems like an eternity for this fruity loop.

There is a process to expel Congress people from their own rank. I think it needs a 2/3rds vote. I don’t see that happening. Maybe the best bet is to get a better candidate to run in 2 years.


Marjorie, there’s nothing to say, because you are a sorry excuse for a human being.


She needs the Lincoln Project treatment, them maybe her handlers (if any) would get a clue to her corrosive and toxic nature.


I’ve noticed the media keeps painting the picture that the GOP would like to hold her accountable and know she is wrong, but cannot because they are cowardly. I keep thinking the media is working really hard to project better morals onto the GOP. The simpler explanation is that the GOP support lying and violence to keep power, and are as brazen as they feel then can get away with. Actions speak louder than words, there are no grown-ups in that room.




Patton Oswalt has a few fun takes on that.

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Avoiding Marjorie like the plague…


I think you’re right. Even the people who do want her to shut up, like McConnell want her to because they’re afraid it might endanger their positions, not because what she’s saying is morally reprehensible. With maybe a few exceptions, they don’t give two shits about how destructive she’s being.

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I keep bugging my wife about when she (and GirlChild as well I guess since matrilineal heritage…) are going to get turns on the space lazers. There are a few pretty good targets I can think of (Mar A Lago… Certain nutcase congresscritters…).

Also, when are we going to get shares of the secret banking cabal money?

So far, none of the benefits are trickling down (except for GirlChild who luckily as all F gets both Hanukkah and Christmas (because even though raised buddhist, it was in So Cal, so I got a non-Christ-y Christmas).

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