All the reasons why QAnon Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene is a toxic threat, and how easy it would be for Congress to expel her

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Just, FYI, here is a list… note that prior to the one @frauenfelder notes in 2002, the most recent one before that was in 1980, and then before that in 1861! Note also, it’s almost entirely democrats on the list! The huge block from 1861 were Democrats who supported the CSA. The two most recent ones were for crimes they committed and were convicted of.

You most certainly can do this, but it looks like it’s rare and generally speaking connected with some sort of crime or with treasonous views… I think Greene’s “political” views would fit with treason, given that she’s supportive of the insurrection.

Except for when they do, like when they put pressure on Al Franken to resign. Both of the most recent people expelled were ejected with wide support from both parties.

But sure… both sides are bad. /s


Because the Democrats are cowards who will never fix anything that requires effort, and the Republicans actually agree with and support all of her bullshit.

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What’s stopping the House to get rid of her today?

Cowardly Republicans like McCarthy. Any other questions?


i started paying attention to her when she entered the republican primary for the seat in the house she eventually won. my initial thought was, “fuckin’ a the wildness is strong with that one.” when she won the primary against efforts by more establishment republicans to outspend her i knew she would win the seat.

the worst thing about her is that she isn’t the flake or loony she projects, she is more a very calculating and intelligent individual who knows how to manipulate social trends to get what she wants, which appears to be political power. i firmly believe if trump doesn’t run in 2024, henry lee luc . . . um . . . marjorie taylor greene will be the republican nominee for president instead. with republican majorities in most state legislatures the voter suppression has already started and will get steadily worse. unless we organize and organize militantly, this is our next president.


The Democrats don’t have a 2/3 majority. They are using their simple majority to strip her committee assignments. The Republicans will not vote to expel her because she represents the mainstream of modern Republican thought.


As long as Republicans are taking heat from a small but vocal number of their constituency whenever they even think of supporting the impeachment of Donald J. Trump. It’s unlikely the House will move on expelling Rep Majorie Taylor Greene. I think the Democrats know this and it’s why they are pushing more to blunt her influence and minimize the amount of time House members have to interact with her. It’s ridiculous but I think she’s going to be side-lined for 4 years rather than expelled. These are the games that the capital critters play, even threats against their life doesn’t stop the politics.

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He’s now playing the “I don’t know what she said, I’ve never even heard of this ‘q-on’ thing, what is it?” game, despite having spoken of Qanon in the past…


Sounds like a female version of Trump - equally pig-ignorant and living in some sort of ridiculous fantasy world or alternative matrix reality. Obviously been to the same school of subtlety as the orange one. Is she REALLY completely round the twist or just trying to be manipulative?


i don’t think it’s helpful to regard her as an ignoramus. she seems much more intentional and calculating than trump. while she has certainly taken notes from

that, i think seems to be a manipulative strategy on her part both to gain the coveted anointment from the exiled president-for-life of the republican party, el caudillo del mar a lago, as well as to attract that large audience in the republican party who climax every time someone “owns the libs”.

until proven conclusively otherwise, i’m going to regard her as intelligent and intentional. to be clear, i do not regard her as being some kind of a supergenius playing 11th dimensional chess. however, i do think she needs to be seen for what she is and not some caricature of stupidity.


US domestic terrorists have there Queen in Osama Bin Karen/MTG, after all what’s not to love…


Heh heh heh. . . he called her a “carpetbagger”, nice.


Now I’m really curious to know what instructions he duct-taped to his door… :thinking: :open_mouth:


It says, “don’t leave the hot pockets in the oven”, signed Mom…


She is. She does not even live in the district that she won in… she’s from the 6th and bought a condo in the 14th specifically to run, because she knew that the 6th would be too moderate for her to win.


i had read about that when i heard that the national party was pumping money into her primary opponents. this is part of why i keep harping on her deliberate and intentional style.


i also note that in the aftermath of electing ossoff and warnock, the republican dominated georgia state legislature has already introduced bills eliminating absentee ballot dropboxes, voter registration at the dmv, and restrictions on who can cast an absentee ballot that make texas’s restrictions look modest.

but please, let’s focus on how funny greene’s beliefs seem to be, i’m sure that’ll be a winner over naked voter suppression every day of the week and twice on saturday.


I know she is.

But the historical significance of the term. . .

And the fact that a New Yorker (and a Jew) was using it on a southerner. . .

Well done sir.


WaPo wins the snarkiest headline award today:


I’d say the fact that the only people defending her are Republicans makes this sentence nonsensical, particularly in this case.