After North Carolina Republicans banned cities selling internet, a town decided to give it away instead


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Dingo babysitter, huh?

It was about time we neared the apex for a term describing the filthy crooks making such a gob-smacking mockery of the term ‘public servant’, too.


So these rural South Carolinians are going to enjoy their free internet just long enough to vote overwhelmingly for the people who would take it away.


This is yet another argument for having internet as a municipal service, like water or rubbish collection. Why shouldn’t it be free at the point of use for all, and paid for by taxation.


Has “Self-serving stemwinding SOBs” gone out of style?
:tongue in cheek:


Doth not this strike at the very heart of Americanism?


Yay, verily, it durst, and so on 'til the seventh generation.


These local limits are straight-up corruption. These companies and their paid-for legislators should be reminded which proto-American popularized the idea of citizens getting together and solving problems for their mutual benefit (public library, fire departments).


But but… How would the wealthy profit from that?

Absolutely every single feature of human civilisation must be run for private profit you know…

(slight sarcasm here :wink: )


Using MY hard earned money to pay for the godless degenerates’ pornography? Sweet Baby Jeebus says ‘No.’


Conservatives are like an autoimmune disease eating America from the inside out. It seems every facet of their policies harms the host in order to grow their disease. And as we descend into 3rd world metrics the host as we knew it is dying.


But those elected people will promise to persecute Teh Geys and Trans on the rural folks’ behalf, so they’ll consider it worthwhile.


That’s rural NORTH Carolinians, thank you very much. And you might be a little surprised at the sentiment towards our state legislature these days, especially when the ACC pulled the tournaments.


Another example of why gerrymandering should be made illegal. Just look how bad it truly is. You can have a minority of the population, yet win 70% of the seats in the legislature.

The maps are scary…


3rd world nation with a superpower military.


Well, which would you rather have? Thousands of nuclear missiles, the most advanced jet fighters, and most of the world’s aircraft carriers, or a decent standard of living, solid infrastructure, and good healthcare?


I always enjoy Cory’s positive, upbeat and cheerful posts.


Here’s the thing. Yesterday, I would have said that a good standard of living, healthcare, etc are more important. But then a bald eagle flew over my head and its silent majesty reminded me that all of those things would only make us as good as Sweden (except they would still have more fjords and saunas). To really be superior, we need the ability to bomb the crap out of those uppity Swedes. 'Murica!




How dare you insult autoimmune diseases!

I agree completely, though. And cancer. Like an antibiotic-resistant autoimmune cancer not eligible for surgery.