Age Gate With Attitude

Clearly I gave my advanced age away by futilely clicking on the picture for 10 seconds trying to figure out the joke.


… you thought this thing qualified as a joke? It’s about as funny as cement.

I wonder why the program assumes we all lie about our age? I don’t hesitate to tell mine honestly - although it might be an obstacle if I wanted to date teenagers. Whether you’re 18 or 80, “you’re lying” is really the only joke? I like the idea of having it notice and respond appropriately if you claim to be under six, or over 100. It might also be fun to have it notice if you enter April 1 as your DOB, or Halloween, or Christmas.

@knoxblox You couldn’t get through? You’re not missing much. It’s just a front end for


Especially as all it told me was “I don’t believe you”
Ha effing ha. What a pointless use of code.

But it didn’t even insult me.

Pretty funny? By what standards?

Shockingly dull

At least it was right. I used the date that I use for all web registration which is deliberately obvious as a fake date.

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