How old does a machine think you look?



Man it says a picture of myself 10 years younger is 51 years old. I aint that old yet dammit.

You don’t look a day over 25, you demented leprechaun, you.


“the machine is perfect, it accurately determined that you look like a college-age girl in a st patricks day costume”


“Couldn’t detect any faces. Please verify that the image is valid and less than 3MB.”
This photo:


It said I was 76. They suck.

Then I used the Face of Boe. No face detected.


My LinkedIn photo, which is slightly overexposed comes back at 25. My Facebook profile picture gets … 74. And male. I don’t even have wrinkles? Is it taking an average? Because that’s still too old.


Wha? But that guy’s nothing but face!

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Mmmmkey… seems like I have a partner in the back…


Holy Shamoly.

I happened to have a photo of me holding up a driver’s license, which I had taken to become a member of a car-sharing site.

Not only did it accurately get my age to within a year, but it found my tiny license photo and got it’s age to within a couple years. (Yes, I am due for a new license…)


Anybody know what they do with the pics and associated metadata?


It could only detect my face if the image was rotated 270deg. Then, it said I was 11 younger than I am.

First picked a baby picture of mine. My twin sister was a year older than me.

Seriously, it was able to do a good job on my son at his various ages. For the past decade or so I have been an ageless 50-58. I hope that continues into my actual 50’s.


I’m pretty stoked about “male” too.

I’m 43. People I work with think I’m in my 30s. Every picture I’ve given it (including some from 10 years ago) has said 46, except for one where I’m wearing a goofy furry hat with teddy bear ears and a huge grin, in which I look especially non-wrinkly thank you very much, and that one says I’m 59.

I’m disappointed that I couldn’t trick it with pictures of cats or jack-o-lanterns.

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Based on the photos my husband has put in for himself it seems to be a lot more accurate for men. Nothing I have tried has come close to the right age - I’m either a man in my 70’s or a late-20’s woman. I am, in fact, 42 and female.

Pass them along to the NSA, in case you’re a person of interest, and we all are.

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Did you try your avatar? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, it couldn’t detect a face in a close-cropped image (also with my head at a slight diagonal and a big smile). It added about a decade to my age with a more spacious picture. Which I don’t necessarily disagree with, but it makes the fact that I’m constantly being carded when I try to buy alcohol in my (apparent) 50s to be all the more baffling.

I went to the site on my phone and took 4 pics of myself. With glasses, I was 40 and 47, without 34, and 36. Smiling I was 34 and 40, and not smiling, 36 and 47. So smile and wear contacts and you look younger (to a machine at least).