Aged gouda is my favorite orange colored cheese


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This stuff is amazing.


I’m prepared to hear how wrong I am, on the off chance this is an internet forum.


It’s my favorite cheese.

My second-favorite cheese would be “marble cheese”, a slice-able “blue” that I found in Hungary.


You are so wrong. You are the biggest wrong. I eat the best cheeses. And they’re YUUUGE!!


I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t like…my personal fave:


It is one of my very favorite cheeses as well. The thinner you slice it, the better it gets too. If you can get it translucent but not quite crumbling, yeeeesssssssss.


It’s my favorite too. I really like the small intense flavor crystals that form in the cheese.


The best cheese I’ve ever had was an 8 year aged white cheddar. It was incredible. I’m also a fan of aged muenster cheese, accompanied by aged neat rum. Ate a block of it along with a bottle of Venezuelan run with a friend a couple of years back and I loved the combination


Cheese really brings out the BB’s. They love them some cheese!


Now that cheese geeking talk.


Favorite orange cheese?
Aged Gouda is my favorite any color cheese.
Although I’ve had a very nice Dry Jack and I like that Wookey Hole.
Cabrales will make your fillings ache and head spin.
(insert here a line that rhymes)


I always thought gouda was a pretty inoffensive sort of cheese, like cheddar that didn’t try as hard. So I didn’t try aged gouda for awhile. I was a fool. It’s so wonderful and is easily one of my favorite cheeses.


Just because of a certain unfortunate association I am currently avoiding most things that are orange…perhaps if the election doesn’t end up orange I’ll be more open minded about the color


Jumping on the band wagon to state that aged Gouda is one of my favorites too.

Have to differ with you slightly on the young Gouda in one small way though. I love a grilled cheese sandwich consisting of lots of melty Gouda, rye bread and a thin schmeer of spicy mustard. Not too much or it overwhelms the cheese. Pair that with a nice, crisp hard cider and now you’ve got something right there.


Must be. Could also consider it almost pornographic.

The aged cheddar i had i do recall had some crystals in it. At the time i didn’t think much of it because i was enjoying it so much.


I don’t think you’re wrong about liking aged gouda – I like it too. But I do think you’re wrong about young gouda. At least, some of them. I went on a gouda kick earlier this year (it’s a long story) and tried about 15 different varieties of young gouda. Many of them were kind of “meh”, but a couple of them were absolutely stunning, full of rich creamy flavor.

Oh, and an oft-overlooked bit of trivia: it is apparently more properly pronounced as “HOW-da”.


I love their balsamic cheese. So good.

For ages goudas, I like Prima Donna and Rembrandt, but really, it doesn’t matter; all of the local stuff I have had has invariably been top notch.


I love that stuff! A good aged Gouda will many pockets of those crystals that, if no one is watching me, I will scrape out and eat in a smallish pile all at once. Stop judging me. (In more refined company, I just make sure I take the best piece first)

I thought it was crystallized casein, but this article is telling me that it is tyrosine.


Naw, we’re _amateurs.

Real cheese geeks eat Casu Marzu - and if you don’t know what it is, you do NOT want to google it.

(this is a real cheese by the way, which I will never eat.)