Aged gouda is my favorite orange colored cheese


I’m assuming you mean “geek” in the “biting the heads off chickens” sense.

I bet some people would pay good money to watch someone eat a hunk of Casu Marzu!


If it’s the cheese i’m thinking about i think i would try it just for the experience. Doubt i would enjoy it though.


The most important rule in pairing food and beverage is that their colors match.


It also makes for the best puns… like recipes called “Gouda Golly Miss Molly!”


Others might pay not to watch it…


Favourite orange cheese is gjetost. Might not fit the strict definition of cheese. Or even orange in some cases. But it’s awesome.


Dutchy here. Gouda is the generic name for the shape of the cheese and the manner in which it is made (all from cow’s milk, obviously). But there are many different brands that have their own particular tweaks to the process. Unsurprisingly, the cheese making process is very hard to control precisely and get the same result all the time (like any fermenting process, cf. wine).

But the Dutch cheese factories are very good at it. They manage to produce a remarkable consistency. And not at all bad, not even the young stuff. There is a great variety in flavours; my favourite is Beemsterkaas.

For a real treat you need to find the real ‘Boerenkaas’ or farmer’s cheese. Made at the farm with fresh, unpasturised milk. This will render less consistent, but richer and more exciting flavours.


Oh man, I love that cheese company. XO is delicious, but their goat milk Gouda is magical (try it on pizza!).


“It’s very gouda”


No. It just means that you prefer cheese that hasn’t been made in some industrial vat in Wisconsin. Munch on some realParmigiano-Reggiano and you’ll quickly learn what crystals are.


Good cheese, but . . . . you eat by color?


I kind of like Kraft™ Cheddar-flavored Singles. Is this the same thing?


That stuff is AMAZING–the espresso variety in particular.


Grana Padano!


Or Brunost. What I liked about buying square cheese in Norway was the cross-section was standardized, so you could buy square plastic lids in the store for popping on the cheese and keeping it fresh.


And the cheese-shaver with the cutting blade being the perfect width for it. :smiley:


Cheddar aged beyond five years is just too strong for me. The flavor is just so intense: it feels like my olfactory and gustatory nerves are at max current load.

This aged gouda sounds divine, 'cause I love butterscotch. The real stuff and the artificial. No surprise that I fell in love with brunost, the Norwegian brown cheese that tastes like caramel. And I’m not talking ‘notes of’ here. I mean it tastes like you’re eating a block of caramel ganache. A great after-dinner treat.


thanks, I’ll check it out.


Oh no, don’t tell me you were sent towards the eye bleach by those horsehair slippers that happen to look blondish?

I’m just going to grate any lemon cucumber rinds around over something dairy-like and see if that works.
hm. Better than the cheddar singles with butterscotch and wood chips (unsifted oregano really.)


Aged (Most Cheesemongers up here call them “antique”) goudas are seriously the kings of cheese.

My favorite is an aged sheeps milk variant called “Ewephoria”. Absolutely sublime. @jlw, if you can find it, try it. Most goidas are cow milk. Sheep gives it a whole other level. I first tried it in Napa, so it’s definitely down there!