Balkan donkey cheese sounds really scrummy

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venezuelan beaver cheese?


longevity to boners to immunity

Should sell well in the States then.


Nope. I can’t even enjoy goat cheese if it has the word goat in it. I’m just afraid it’s going to taste like a goat. And I just can’t put donkey anything in my mouth. I try to be adventurous, I really do. But it has to stop somewhere!


I hear it tastes like pork.


“Scrummy”: Not sure if I should run out and buy some donkey cheese, or if I should run and hide if I’m ever presented with it.


I don’t think that’s how milk works.

Have you ever had goat? Say, curried? With fufu?

You do know that the inside of a goat doesn’t taste at all like the outside of a goat, no?


Ah, you beat me to it.

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I really thought there’d be some “eating ass” jokes by the time I got here.


I’m sure you’re right, it just seems like a bad gamble.

When I’m tired of being in a city, having a job, etc… I generally throw my arms up and claim that I’m going to start a donkey sanctuary. The dream is real.



I have to say, that plate of smoked meats looks really good. But then again in that presentation, you can make soylent look fantastic.

I haven’t yet found a cheese I don’t like

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I’m pretty much in the same boat. That being said, have you tried Casu marzu?

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young Gouda, with a mature time of less than two months. the most boring and uninteresting cheese ever.

Weak cheese becomes the replacement for “weak sauce”?

You’re missing out on wonderful cheese.

I can sympathize… I spent the first 50 years of my life thinking similarly about feta and goat cheese. Not the goaty-ness, though. For some odd reason I thought these were like cottage cheese (the slimy, lumpy, stuff in a tub, not the simple cheeses like Indian paneer) and actively avoided it.

Was I ever wrong. Can’t get enough of the stuff now.

Have someone prepare a cheese plate with some goat cheese on it, but without identification. Have at least 2 that are visually similar to goat cheese. I doubt you’ll regret it.

Damn… now I want cheese.

Cool story: I spent 3/4 of a year in India (West Bengal) a few years back. Decided to try eating vegetarian for most of it (managed 99% vegetarian, I estimate). Realized I could go vegetarian if I decided to or had to. But not vegan due to the lack of cheese. I actually missed cheese more than meat. 'Twas a surprise to me…

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Oh I love feta, It’s not goat cheese. I can tell by the flavor!

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