AKC will not attend show in Russia


The “dogs give unconditional love” angle is a good one. Good move by the AKC.


Sorry, pal but the US is no model of human and/or gay rights. Typical USian hypocrisy. At least he should also address the human rights abuses in his own country.

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And probably more dignified than the ‘we all know that dogs hump whatever legs they feel like’ angle, though that one is also often true.


I agree with you in part–the U.S. still has a lot of work to do–but as I understand it, the anti-gay law in Russia prohibits any “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations” and actually levies fines for gay rights rallies. Forbidding people from even talking about homosexuality is clearly a step below what’s going on in the U.S.


Hypocrites (if they are indeed so, my knowledge of the AKC’s domestic agenda or lack thereof is sparse) have the convenient feature of still being useful some of the time. In fact, it’s hard to be a really good hypocrite without being good enough, enough of the time, that your failings qualify as hypocrisy, rather than mere mediocrity.

Unless they are being actively reactionary at home, their being on the side of right in Russia is still a net gain, no?


By your logic, we should not work to improve things elsewhere until everything is perfect at home. Show me a country with no human rights/gay rights abuses. You’ll not find one. Since things will not and cannot ever be perfect at home, what you advocate just a fancy way of giving up.

If that’s what avoiding hypocracy means, I’d rather be a hypocrite.


Way to go AKC, it’s a good thing the AKC is not discriminatory in any way, isn’t it :wink:

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Problem is that the US is one of the worst offenders compared to most Western democracies, not just one of many with a few offences.

Even compared to Russia the US is not exactly a paragon. Russia e.g. has no death penalty (codfied but indefenite suspension). Both torture, both have indefinite detention, detention without trial, extrajudicial killings and use political trials.

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Try promoting “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations” in much of the US rural South. Boston, Chicago, Seattle, NYC, San Francisco, etc may be a step ahead of Russia, but the US gives political representation by geography as well as population. Backwater areas are quite powerful here.

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Aren’t you changing the goalposts a trifle? In one jurisdiction, it’s a matter of national law. In American Hickistan, it’s a matter of Sheriff Bubba’s mob justice.

It’s a bad thing either way, of course; but American reactionaries haven’t been doing well at the national level of late, and their attempts at local imposition tend to either be extralegal or overturned once appealed high enough to get away from the provinces(eg. Texas sodomy laws).

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Agreed, but that particular problem is a lot harder to address by pressuring the government. It would be like if I wrote a letter to, say, the Ohio state government, and told them that I heard that some of the people in their state hate gay people, so I won’t be doing business there. Except for enacting and vigorously pursuing hate crime laws, there’s not much Ohio as a state can do to stop individuals from hating other individuals, and unlike Russia, the U.S. government isn’t validating the beliefs of all those gay-hatin’ Bubbas by passing laws that forbid the open discussion of LGBT issues.

To be fair, if you argued that the U.S. government is implicitly allow some degree of the same by forbidding state restrictions on gay marriage, I might be inclined to agree.

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Where would they like it located to, a country without racial/sexual/political/recreational discrimination? They’re not going to find one, not unless it’s uninhabited.

“Rhapsody has two mommies.”

(Best In Show)

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Here comes the lipstick.

But isn’t that half the probem in Russia? I have read about police not defending gay people when they are attacked by mobs.

I agree that the US is pretty terrible in many ways. I’m working on becoming un-American, in fact (live in Canada, have since I was 5). But that doesn’t mean Americans should not be allowed to criticise others when the criticism is warranted.

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