Alabama cat encounters snow for first time


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I dunno… I love a good internet cat video as much as the next guy, but this seemed more like “Sophie chases a stick… which just happens to be in snow”

Must not be an indoors cat, because those types usually retreat the instant the snow hits their paw. They’re curious up until they realize it’s not warm and cozy.

‘‘Um, excuse me, this is not appropriate environs. I will be going back inside and passing out in a tiny ball for the next 6 hours. Bring treats if you want to talk to me again.’’


Dogs in deep snow will start pouncing like a coyote chasing mice foraging under the snow. Snow wakes up their hunting instincts.

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Lol yeah I remember the first time my dog ‘Trinity’ came across snow. She went crazy, rolling in it, eating it, generally over excited.

Back when I lived on the east coast on a quiet enough street to occasionally let the cat out, the cat wanted to go out, we let her out the back door, she encountered the six inches of snow, came back inside and went to the front door. So we let her out the front door, and THERE WAS SNOW THERE TOO! HEY!

As a friend later said “She was looking for The Door Into Summer.”


I’m trying to decide if this is a cat saying “This is weird, but kinda fun,” or a variant on BadgerNopeNopeNopeNope.

Quite a few out-of-state students reacted the same way during my first year of college. Well, they yelled “woooooo” a lot more than Sophie.

In the event that your remark is not a setup, this is not an original notion.

I wonder where RAH got it from…

My friend who made the remark was implicitly referring to the Heinlein book, and assumed I’d get the reference. (I haven’t actually read it, but I did know the title.)

You’ve told this story on Boing Boing before, haven’t you?

Yep, my parents have a half-dozen North Dakota cats that encountered snow for the first time a couple months ago. In other news…

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