The littlest nope ever


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That’s a beautiful caption. Suitable for framing.


I like it even littler:
“the littlest nope”.


This is exactly how you convince a young cat that indoors is the greatest place to be. I don’t know how people in non-snowy places do it.


Me neither. Sometimes I think they finally realize the fact only when the coyote’s jaws close around their necks. :frowning:


Great. Now I has a sad. :crying_cat_face:


I know, I know, and I’m very sorry about that. Those damnably independent little critters… if only they’d listen sometimes! :crying_cat_face:


If the tabby and the burmese were not having umm… pissing matches over territory in the house they would be indoor cats but access to the backyard fixed that. I know they both are deathly afraid of the street and don’t wander far. Heck the tabby is happy with just sitting on the patio area of the back yard mostly. They both will come in at night without much hassle, the burmese will sometimes ignore me but as soon as MrsTobinL calls he will come in.


Did we really miss the opportunity to use “the littlest no-go”?

Come on, folks.


Yup, that’s one dope nope; quite a trope. Hope kitty will cope, not mope. Or maybe the feline did elope with rope (and Scope!) to meet the Pope on the slope. In Europe.


Our old cat used to love playing in the snow.


Place walk in freezer in front of door, let cat out.


Living in Arizona, it took me a moment to realize what I was looking at. That’s that funny thing called “snow” on the ground, isn’t it?


I always like the biggest nope…

My Cat First Snow | Nature and Animals


See, I’d have assumed this was the track left by a chihuahua with 20-inch legs bounding excitedly out into the snow


Yea, mine went missing last week. >.<


Aw, man. I’m sorry to hear that.


I wonder if my Norwegian Forest Cat will say, “Nope!”


That sucks. I hope kitteh comes back.

I had one go on walkabout for 6 weeks once. Thought she was a goner as this was out in the sticks where coyotes live. Nope. Much skinnier and a lot less interested in going on walkabout ever again, come back she did. Keep hope alive.


not even one cm of snow. BOOORING. I’m going to sleep, call me if it can be called winter.