Alabama public television won't air Arthur episode featuring gay wedding

Men Without Hats At Work is one of my top two Supergroups That Should Have Been But Never Were.

(The other is The Scissor Sisters of Mercy.)


The actual making love part is fine, it’s the inordinate amount of time we spend thinking about and pursuing it in between when we should be doing something more productive, like organizing your Boba Fett collection. IMO. YMMV.

ETA - Thinking more like how animals have mating seasons or like the Vulcans 7 year thing.

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I think you just invented a new thread.


What are you going to call this team up? Wall Flower and Two Step?

Wall Flower because because after you punch them through a wall, they will be pushing up daisies, and Two Step because that is how many steps one takes before collapsing from their mighty blow.

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If enough people speak up with their money, the local people absolutely will get the message from hq.

When Blockbuster screwed me in 1996 over some bullshit late fees, I boycotted all stores even though it was one local operator that was an asshole.

As you wish.


That’s not the direction money flows with PBS. It’s local affiliates whose pledge drives support the national organization, not the other way around.


Just like BlockBuster.



You know, that dance wasn’t as safe as they said it was.


Sometimes in a suit, I see my shoelace has come untied, and I think “that’s just not worth the effort in this stylish straight jacket”.

I don’t wear suits often.


Not quite. In the case of blockbuster it is a single national company with local franchisees that are all supposed to be run according to the same corporate guidelines, like McDonalds.

With public television you have a bunch of independent stations that choose which public programming they want to license. That programming may include material from PBS, but it can also include programming from APT or the BBC or other sources including their own original content.


On their website, PBS has documents describing their corporate guidelines as well. PBS Alabama isn’t free to air anything they like. They aren’t free to let funders dictate programming. They way they edited the program doesn’t meet PBS editorial standards on inclusiveness.

If PBS Alabama went full on racist (which doesn’t seem as absurd as it did only a short time ago), you don’t think there would be any consequences from the Washington headquarters?

I’ve only been a donor for two years and it isn’t a lot of money, but this action really bothers me.


It’s a hetero wedding … hetero-species.

So the inter-species part of the wedding isn’t a problem in Alabama?


In another thread in another universe somewhere, something someone said about Alabama reminded me it’s been a while since I last watched Nina Simone do her thing. Decided to come here and share a link in case there was anyone who didn’t already know about her:


Well, it was a multinational company with local franchises…


“Have you seen the bullshit that’s going on down here? These psychos will string me up!”, McKenzie added.

You’re not wrong. It looks fine when they’re prancing around a pseudo-medieval village, but on a crowded dance floor, it’s designed to poke the eyes of the person on your left and the crotch of the person on your right. NOT SAFE!


Performed by men without hats, too. Clearly, they were lucky to survive.



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