Alan Moore doing US book tour and livestream for new short story collection

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This is the man who brought us Watchmen, V for Vendetta and Halo Jones.
I love this writer, he is also mad as a stick.
Which he would probably take as a compliment.

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Madison. Miami.

Makes sense. In order to complete the pentacle, he also has to go to - near as I can figure - some unnamed spot in the desert near the Utah/Colorado border, Philadelphia, and Monterrey in Mexico. Then back to Madison to close it up and do whatever the fuck it is he’s going to do with it.


Will Alan Moore be arriving via teleportation or riding a dragon? He is a magician after all (and probably the most influential writer of the last forty years for V for Vendetta and the Guy Fawkes mask alone).

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Does that mean I can put this up too?

Alan Moore knows the score.


Thank you! I kept meaning to get over here to post this song…


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He’ll pop up from a trap door in the floor, and it’ll be a Q&A style with his puppet snake god, Glycon.
Untitled — peashooter85: Glycon and the Ancient Sock Puppet...


I can see the trapdoor entrance but there should be some smoke and mirrors too. Like the Glycon touch as well.

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[Stage covered in mirrors]
MOORE: But which one is the real Alan Moore?
[GLYCON wildly fires a revolver and all the ALAN MOORES shatter. You smell the smoke and you turn to the seat next to you. ALAN MOORE is in it].
ALAN MOORE: Hello there [doves fly from his sleeves and he disappears in a puff of smoke back onstage leaving only his coat behind].

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