Alan Myers, DEVO drummer, RIP Alan Myers, longtime drummer for DEVO, died last week of stomach cancer. He was 58. Myers played on DEVO’s seminal albums Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!, Duty Now for the Future, Freedom of Choice, among others. “He was like a robot playing drums,” DEVO’s Jerry Casale told Rolling Stone. "A… READ THE REST

It’s a slightly less wonderful world we live in.

It’s a minor point, but the video you chose to highlight, “Jocko Homo”, didn’t feature Alan Meyers on drums. Alan played on DEVO’s first LP, but he was their third drummer, and this song/video predates his arrival by a few years. The drummer on this (DEVO’s first project, a short film with two songs) was frontman Mark Mothersbaugh’s youngest brother, playing electronic drums he built himself. He quit the band to become an electronics engineer. Anyway, Alan was one of the greatest drummers to have walked the planet.

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A better tribute:

Devo Corporate Anthem…


Yes, of course you’re right. I had forgotten the version on “Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!” was a re-recording. I swapped out the video. Thanks!

sad. true brilliance always leaves a hole when it goes. sigh…

With more freedom of choice, alas.

Not that it matters, terribly, but the NYT and many other news outlets are reporting the cause of death as brain cancer.
Devo was a favorite of mine at a young age because they made it seem cool to be nerdy. Rest in peace, Alan.

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