RIP, Devo's Bob Casale


He was 61 years old. Not sure where you got 73


Don’t think he got older after he died. Most reports have him at 61 not 73.

If you actually liked Devo, you’d know his age.

I thought I would treat myself today and pull up boingboing on my work pc instead of on my mobile which is what I usually use to avoid NSFW material being seen by my coworkers.



Prolly from 1973

Bob Casale co-founded Devo in 1973. He died yesterday. He was 73.

I dream of a day where a musician is judged not by the age of their body but by the less-capricious whims of an enlightened society.

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If Mark had really liked Devo, he would have stopped listening to them to properly research type and proofread his post like a TRUFAN! And set it up for proper SEO, and included some listicles, for correct DEVOISM. And not push it out to an unforgiving world rife with errors displaying his deep-down DEVOHATRED.


NB: Devo Guitar Guide


Here’s a google-search on BoingBoing posts by (or referencing) Mark and mentioning Devo. Doesn’t mean he really liked them, though.


Meanwhile, (insert your most hated musical offender) lives on.

Ahhh, poor Bob. I believe he was the Devo member with the worst substance-abuse problems. He was an awesome guitarist. :frowning: Someone close to Devo once told me that the only reason there were ever Devo reunions was to help out the Bobs.


I think you might be confusing him with Bob1 who had an awful battle v.s. cocaine.

The truth about De-evolution rages on right here, in the best Devo style. Misinformation about ages ! Speculation ! Assumptions and confusion !

Now It Can Be Told.

Sorry to see you go, Bob2. Condolences to your family loved ones, and brother Jerry.


Oh, was I blurring my Bobs? Hard to keep them straight!

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(enforced character count amount to post‽ pfffft, whatevssefjio4tjioegkerg!)

…and their (younger) drummer died recently… could it be a conspiracy?!!

Just when they were getting great again - “Something for Everybody” is rocking amazing. Try to play the cut “Human Rocket” in your car, but DO NOT have anyone in front of you… whee!

He had his fun, and one last great album. Beats me.

A couple of DEVO interviews from Wisconsin Public Radio’s/Public Radio International’s “To The Best of Our Knowledge” program:

[quote=“brucebordner, post:14, topic:23180”]
…and their (younger) drummer died recently…[/quote]
Alan Myers

I can still remember the time I “discovered” them on Saturday Night Live. They were more than just a bunch of clowns acting different, they knew their craft. It wasn’t until years later that I found out how many big-time rock bands admired their work.

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it should be noted that the late Bob Casale is second from left in the photo above. the third from left is Bob Mothersbaugh.

Well there you go! Your birth year is your age when you die.

Man, century babies must be hating on that!

RIP, Bob! :frowning: This was a depressing day, too. Now more so.