DEVO got "super stoned" the second time they met the Rolling Stones


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$85.00 + $6.45 shipping <---- I’m a big fan, but…


Mick Jagger and Mark Mothersbaugh recorded vocoder together on a song? Where can I hear that?


Maybe you can just buy half?


That 2 way flip book reminds me of buckminster fuller’s ‘I seem to be a verb’. I have a super torn up copy of that from architecture school ages ago.

And devo’s version of Satisfaction has always been on my ‘favorite (interestingly done) covers’ list.

** oh great… Now gonna spend the rest of the day recreating that playlist… Descendants ‘wendy’. Johnny cash ‘hurt’ … Uncle Tupelo ‘mystify’. Pet shop boys ‘always on my mind’. Newer entry- mindless self indulgence ‘Tom sawyer’. So many others. Will add as brain cells stir. **

ETA. Brand new heavies. ‘Don’t know why I love you’. Gorilla biscuits ‘sitting round at hone’


In the RS article Mothersbaugh says that the song was “Worried About You”, and that Keith Richards hated the vocoder stuff, “…but there’s a little of it still in the fadeout and that’s about it.”




Devo’s Satisfaction cover is one of the best covers ever, IMO.


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