Alan Vega, Suicide vocalist, RIP


Very sad news!

P.S. I nicknamed my first car after him

I also had a small Yamaha keyboard, on which I’d play Suicide riffs over and over and over… I figured I’d never amount to much as a keyboardist, because I couldn’t simultaneously play the bass riff and the chord from “Ghost Rider”.

I found the first Suicide album on cassette in early '87 at Record Gallery in Dallas. I had read about Suicide about a year earlier. I couldn’t find any recordings but in the summer of '86 someone on KNON played “Frankie Teardrop” (I want to say it was whoever was on Thur. or Fri. evenings). A week or so later, I called KZEW the next time George Gimarc was on, and asked if he could play it, and he said they wouldn’t deal with “that kind of subject matter.” Some months after that, the album turned up at Record Gallery in the cassette rack. The guy there (Rev. Stevie Fever; RIP) figured someone must’ve ponied up the dough for a re-release. Also, I was on a date when I found (and listened to) the cassette – I took a date to Record Gallery.

(I also just remembered that I could not find a working ATM, or rather that my bank was offline, and had to drive all the way back home to Arlington to borrow some cash. I came up with this notion that our financial system was built on a house of cards if we were supposed to depend on these cash dispensing machines that wouldn’t work. Ah youth…)


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