Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell, RIP


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52 years old, just a youngun. RIP dude.


RIP, indeed. Surprised you didn’t put Say Hello To Heaven on the list. Chris Cornell wrote it as a tribute to his friend Andrew Wood.

I never wanted to write these words down for you
With the pages of phrases of things we’ll never do
So I blow out the candle and I put you to bed
Since you can’t say to me now how the dog broke your bone
There’s just one thing left to be said
Say hello to heaven

If there is an afterlife, I hope he gets to see his friend again and say more than hello.


My God. First Roger Ailes, now this?


Almost live Lame list


He was responsible for a unique sound, and great music, including one of my favourite bond title tracks in recent times.

A true loss.


I never cared terribly for Soundgarden’s discography but for some period of time in my college days i was obsessed with Chris Cornell. He had a raw voice that really spoke to me. His music along with a few other musicians really helped me through some dark and depressing times, hadn’t listened to him in years but his art meant something to me. I always held him in high esteem even after my musical tastes changed and his passing really bums me out. I don’t know what he was going through to have killed himself, accidentally or on purpose, but i shall miss him dearly.


RIP Cornell, and RIP the Seattle of my childhood that allowed things like Almost Live to exist.


@Death needed to balance the books after taking Ian Brady and Roger Ailes.


Yeah. The area has become so homogenized that half their bits would not even play today. Like no one would get Ballard Driving School. Though Chuhuly and Jones is still pretty good


I will always remember the Ballard Driving School sketch!


The first time I moved to Seattle, in 1990 (it was my first stab at grad school, and it didn’t take), I remember driving to the U-district. I heard Big Dumb Sex blasting from a car stereo. I saw a Soundgarden bumper sticker on a VW van. I bought Louder Than Live at the Tower Records on the Ave. I had this feeling that Seattle was a… a certain place, a specific place with its own new culture. I still felt that way when I returned for good in 1992.

I almost never feel that way anymore.


Damn. Some people you know you’re going to miss.

Soundgarden were a big part of my stupid-teenager-pretending-to-be-in-a-rock-band days, then Audioslave. He also showed everybody how to write a James Bond theme.

Turn it up loud.


He’s an underrated talent, or at least i get that impression. No one normally brings up Soundgarden or Chris Cornell in a conversation about rock bands. But i did consider myself a fan and i’ve teared up a few times today reminiscing about where i was in my life when i was listening to his stuff.


My wife woke me up in tears after hearing the news. I never really liked them, but she’s a superfan since she saw them at Day on the Green in '91. Because of her I’ve seen them and him (his Higher Truth tour was amazing, just him, a guitar and a stool, and that voice) in concert several times (and was looking forward to another one next week, sadly) and was developing an appreciation for his music and its depth. He will surely be missed.


man, he beats his addictions, but loses the battle with depression. so heartbreaking and senseless.


I agree with everything you said there. I finally have time to listen to him tonight after being out of sorts all day; Audioslave on loud, but the view of Spotify gets a bit blurry from time to time…


This one hit me hard. I have nothing to say except, if you’re feeling suicidal: TELL SOMEONE.

Suicidal thoughts are comforting lies - there is nothing true in them.


I would almost think that is a reference to JG Ballard’s Crash.


I have felt deeply helpless and depressed before in my life, though thankfully never suicidal. I think the darkest of times are similar to problems when we were kids, anything bad would feel to us like the end of the world and with some time you realize how small your world was and how insignificant those problems were.

Suicidal thoughts are similar, but no matter how helpless or bad things might seem it’s a problem that can be managed and helped with loved ones and professionals. Suicide solves a temporary problem in a permanent way. There are better options.