Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell, RIP

I treat people who are suicidal, as well as survivors of suicide loss. I think part of the difficulty is that people often assume that suicide is the result of “selfish” thinking (“My life is terrible/It will never get better/They’ll miss me when I’m gone”) when it is just as likely to be the result of “burden” thinking (“People would be happier/free/relieved if I was gone”). Both kinds of suicidal thinking are pure garbage. These kinds of thoughts are not exclusive to depression diagnoses. It’s an incredibly complex set of phenomena and if I could magically remove the stigma surrounding talking about suicide, I would. I believe that it would go a long way to helping reduce suicide rates.


I can imagine that the mental health history of some people is a long complicated road filled with pain, loss, or other negative feelings. I’ve known people who had a long life full of shitty experiences, i can’t imagine where they pull the strength to go on. My heart goes to people who have to go through such things, i wouldn’t even know where to begin to help them but if someone wanted to talk to me about what they’re going through i would drop everything for them.


It was a reference to the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, which used to be famous for its elderly Scandinavian population.

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So kind of like the Boca Raton demolition derby aka driving down any given street.

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It’s fucking hard work, but worth it. Sometimes the hardest part is convincing people that we will listen!


Well you’re my hero of the day, thank you for what you do :slight_smile:


^^ ^^ These comments above? That’s what makes this place worth visiting. :slight_smile:


I want to find the topic “All the upvotes to you” or something like that. [does anyone remember that title]

Your post is definitely in that category of “can’t praise enough”.

I wish you all the success in your work.


(This one features a young Bill Nye, who was an Almost Live cast member.)


Cool stuff. Now I am looking for where to find videos or full length episodes of Almost Live.

Sad to hear of this. I hope he finds peace.

The intro to “My Wave” is my ringtone.

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It looks like there are some here:

And this YouTube channel has tons of sketches:

The show was great because it felt local. But… it wasn’t really all that great.


I was never a huge fan of him specifically, but as class of 92, Seattle grunge was the backbone of the soundtrack to my formative years.

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You’re very right about the permanent solution to a temporary problem. Sometimes planning and intending to die can last for as short as minutes. For the great majority of people that intense despair will pass quickly, and can be greatly helped by talking to someone about it right then and there.


Soundgarden are probably my favorite of the Seattle bands. Multiple albums I can listen to from top to bottom. A diverse set of songs. I was at the Detroit show and tried to make a bet with a friend on how many guitars Kim Thayil would go through due to all of the various tunings they use. Turns out it was in the ballpark of 12-14 guitar swaps, heh. That Temple of the Dog album really is one of those that… puts you in the era, as far as memories go too. Detroit is a bit over 2 hours away. Anyway, it’s strange to have seen Soundgarden, then realize Chris was gone before I’d even hit Lansing on the way home. Not the main memory I was hoping to have of the show.


Sometimes the drugs keep you alive. For a while. [not a recommendation]

I will check it out. Thanks.

This tore me up a lot more than I thought it would. Was a huge Soundgarden fan back in the day.

Seems medication might also have been to blame:

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FTA: “…side effects of Ativan include “paranoid or suicidal thoughts, slurred speech and impaired judgment””

those are SIDE EFFECTS? wtf kind of drug is that?? jesus.


Yeah, if those are common side effects, it does seem like a pretty damn dangerous drug…