What Pearl Jam sounds like to people who don't like Pearl Jam

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Yes but what does it smell like?


It’s kind of like scat.

Except not that kind of scat.


I don’t know. I still liked it. :man_shrugging:


I’ve felt the same, but I did like Neil Young’s Pearl Jam backed Mirror Ball, so maybe it’s just Eddie Vedder that I didn’t care for. (Or Young simply writes better.)


Accurate, this is why I never got into that band.


Harsh but fair.

The best Seattle grunge has Chris Cornell in, this is not negotiable. Here he is doing a U2/Metallica mashup on his own that is oddly poignant and beautiful.


I think the joke is lost on me. Is the joke that nobody likes Pearl Jam? Because that’s just Pearl Jam isn’t it?



But I was always less of a Soundgarden fan, so… :woman_shrugging:


The thing I always found funny about Pearl Jam is that I was working in a record store at the time and their CD was doing bupkis until Nevermind blew up to the point where a speck of dust on a Seattle sidewalk could whistle a tune and get an audience. I’ve always wondered if they would have hit the bigtime anyway without that boost.

They had some good songs and hooks but I never cared for Vedder’s whiny vibrato voice, I find nails on a chalkboard less unpleasant.


And not everyone agrees with you. Individual taste in music is just that, individual taste. You don’t like his singing style much, that’s cool, but others do and there isn’t a “right” answer about that kind of thing. :woman_shrugging:


I stand by it. Nirvana were big and gave us Dave Grohl, for which we are all thankful, but Chris Cornell made Soundgarden and Audioslave and more and was, by all accounts, a sweet and lovely guy.

Compared to that Nirvana were noisy and whining and not particularly innovative. They had a lot of energy but I don’t rate them as best.

Not a hill I can be arsed to die on, it’s only a musical opinion :metal::grin:


Oh what! You’re not going to assume your opinion is musical fact! And you call yourself a fan of music!!! /s

Yeah, honestly nirvana is much more in my line of tastes, especially Unplugged, which I find a delight from beginning to end. I love their covers of the Meat Puppets songs. I have a lot of respect for Cornell as a singer and performer, for sure. But on a more visceral level, Nirvana just speaks to me more…


That’s fair - thing is, most of the Nirvana tracks people love are the covers… they definitely represented a scene, deservedly perhaps but I think that was more their energy and ethos which was pretty full-on and Fuck You to the world full of pop back then, rather than their music specifically. That part definitely caught my attention when I was a teenager but now… I think they were of their moment in time and there’s plenty of bands who did that who were not particularly good musicians - that’s what makes rock and punk and grunge all the other mixed up noisy genres fun!


I can’t say i’m a huge fan of Pearl Jam but when one of their songs is on i am always reminded about how much their music defined my younger years and how great their stuff actually is. Though i don’t really go out of my way to listen to it…

On that note, one thing i can say is that in those years there were a lot of musicians that had the same type of singing voice and general sound. Greatly parodied here:


they’re not the first to make this joke.


i was late in coming around to both Nirvana and Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden never did anything for me, but once i got it, i really got it, and i love the first two to this day – and i even appreciate Soundgarden. i think my resistance at first was because they blew up SO quickly and were SO huge, i just couldn’t see how they were all that. but man do i love Eddie Vedder and his work both solo and with Pearl Jam to this day. great musicians, great people. and of course Cobain and Cornell were tragic losses. Oh, and Grohl is amazing and i love him, too.


that actually kinda rocked lol


Pearl Jam was my #1 when I started getting into music, and totally get that Eddies vocals can throw people off. Not sure about nowdays though, haven’t really kept up with them since Riot Act.

Also, I had to laugh at the video. “Yeah yeah, sounds about right lol.”

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