PBS: why do some people hate cilantro?


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Because even the tiniest amount overpowers the flavor of everything, and it also happens to taste like bleach and also causes immediate heartburn that I can’t control with PPIs.


Seriously, you go to qdoba or wherever, and it’s insane, the rice has cilantro, the meat has cilantro, the guac has cilantro, the fajita veggies have cilantro, the queso has cilantro, and all the salsas have cilantro as well. Also you can ask for more cilantro from a bin of the stuff. WTF? I don’t understand.


cilantro: How may I count the ways…


What about people who once hated it and now like it? Does our wiring change? I despised it when I was a teenager. Thought it tasted like soap. Now I love it…


I love cilantro and never understood how people got “soap” as it’s flavor… until I tried some H.E.B. brand “Pico” flavored tortilla chips. The guy in the lab must’ve been one of those folks cuz those chips took me back to my cussing-mouthed youth.


PBS: why do some people hate cilantro?

For the same reason some people are against unicorns, and some vote conservative (Tory, GOP, National, depending on your locale); they are just wrong. In fact, I think the Venn diagram of that (hates cilantro vs. hates unicorns vs. votes conservative) probably shows a perfect overlap.

Also, it’s coriander. C O R I A N D E R. English, motherfucker, do you speak it?



So never order a fish cauldron in Brazil, especially at my mother’s house.


I get some of the soapy notes from cilantro. Yes, we know it is coriander. And mace is nutmeg (and mace is meh). But we are ignoring the real menace here. It isn’t cilantro.

It’s olives.


Yep, I got the bad taste buds thing with respect to cilantro and I think my mom does too. Isn’t cucumber the same way?


It’s olives.

Why do you hate unicorns?


I don’t get soapy notes from cucumber, though it wouldn’t surprise me. The skin is quite alkaline tasting–i don’t have a ph meter on me–so I could get that.


No, cucumber is just flat out wrong. The only thing worse is celery. They both just sit in the bottom of the fridge until they go flaccid and slimy. What’s the fucking point?


Why do you hate food that’s good? :unicorn: (solid fist bump :D)


Just Pickle It!


It’s more that cucumber tastes really bitter to me. I think my dad or sister is the same way. But what makes it weirder is that I can eat pickles all day without the same taste. I suspect pickling removes whatever I’m tasting.


seeing as every single dish I use the plant for has it as a replacement for culantro, which is difficult to find, I will continue to call it cilantro… unless, for some odd reason in the second 50 years of my life I run across a recipe calling for Coriander.


You can make some good japanese food with Salt, vinegar, cucumber and celery. It is easy, tasty and you don’ t waste the vegetables.


It is the salt. It leeches out whatever the bitter compounds are, or denatures them. I am not a scientist and I don’t have a mass spectrometer. But a simple experiment of cucumbers versus salted cucumbers for thirty minutes will show a dramatic change.


In Kool Aid!