What Pearl Jam sounds like to people who don't like Pearl Jam

At the risk of falling victim to being /whooshed, no, it doesn’t sound like that. I mean it kind of does but they added in a lot of random lyrics, making each line longer and more meandering than the original


…I mean, when I sing along to Pearl Jam in the car, I do it EXACTLY like the video demonstrates. And it’s a hell of a lot of fun! But totally understand how Vedder’s style might rub people the wrong way.


I came to my admiration of Chris Cornell late, not long before he passed. The man really was a musical genius and I think fairly underappreciated by those outside his musical circles.


Never a fan of Pearl Jam, most of my playlists end in the late 80s, there are some exceptions but I am stuck in mostly 70’s and 80s music.

That video did remind me of the closing theme from WKRP.


I was like, “sounds fine to me”. Still don’t even get the joke …

I have a friend who simply hates Vedder so much that he literally started scratching himself, unconsciously, when Pearl Jam was playing in the background.

He was a base player in a band, loved Soundgarden, and listened to Nirvana before they had their first hit in Europe. But hell, did he get angry when someone at one of the band’s gigs demanded to listen to some Pearl Jam after the show… :joy:

He couldn’t even explain his dislike. I never got it. Both for Nirvana and Pearl Jam, I couldn’t understand the lyrics when I first listened to them. My English was terrible at the time.

That was really, really uplifting. Thank you for that!


My music preference is a mystery sometimes. Queen is one of my favorite classic rock bands, love most of their songs, Freddie Mercury’s voice and stage presence are stunning.

I also like a lot of David Bowie songs, so when I see Queen and David Bowie collaborating with “Under Pressure”, I think, put the two great tastes together, gotta like it, right?

The peanut butter and jelly did not come together this time, for me. I still do not know why I don’t like that song, it just does not resonate with me.


@beschizza 's description of Pearl Jam as “sonic cilantro” is perfect. I’m one of the unlucky few for whom cilantro tastes like a combination of dishwasher soap and poison. My friends are baffled, they wonder what on Earth is wrong with me, and why can’t I taste how wonderful the food is.

I like Pearl Jam just fine, but the people who don’t look like me with that dreadful evil herb.


I’m going to guess that Pearl Jam is: the sound of grinding gears on a standard transmission combined with the grunting sound made during a bowel movement.

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Right there with you. It’s metallic soap to me and I’m honestly a little tired of explaining the phenomenon to rooms full of people who are insisting you’re crazy, cilantro is the greatest thing since deep fried bacon cooked by Jesus or whatever. :roll_eyes:


Jada Pinkett Smith Point GIF by Red Table Talk


Not intentionally anyway

I love Nirvana and of course they were part of that scene but Kurt never did that “hunger-dunger-dun” vocal styling I associate with grunge. I like Pearl Jam too actually but it started to drive me nuts in the 90s how many singers did that voice.


I like Pearl Jam at least well enough to have bought Ten back in the days of CDs, but I’ve always thought Vedder’s voice was the best thing about them. Without it they’d just be another Led Zeppelin tribute act.

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Gunna go off topic here: A good way to avoid the taste is using dried cilantro, a lot of the herbaciousness of it gets lost when dried and gets rid of the soapy taste. Though that depends on what a given dish is needing for the cilantro to do, if a dish is needing the fresh herbyness from it another good swap that can be done is to use parsley. I frequently add chopped parsley to the curry i make since my SO can’t stand the taste of fresh cilantro.

You might already know these tips but its good to mention in case someone else here needs to make those substitutions.



Sonic Cilantro is my new band name. Thanks

Some people love it. Some people think it sounds like soap.


“It cleans out your fucken ears, man!!”


Perhaps both you and @nosaj can freak them out by telling them you are a happy mutant, literally, with a better genetic than the cilantro-lovers, and the science is with you on that?

FTR, that’s the seminal paper:

And this is a fun read:



I always thought Creed was Pearl Jam for people who don´t like Pearl Jam…


the mum, near 80yo, loves Pearl Jam and plays her playlist while working in the studio. me, not a fan because i just cannot understand a word of Vedder’s mumbly vibrato vocals. much prefer Willie Nelson and his son Lucas’s version of Just Breathe. very nice cover.
that said, i understood every shouty word mr. vedder yelled at me in a little parking dispute way back when i was working in a downtown Seattle letterpress shop where PJ had a practice studio upstairs. complete with skate ramp that folks would bang away at loud enough to be heard over the presses. now, being downtown, parking was spare and those of us who had been working there for years before the band’s arrival, were suddenly pushed out of the buildings parking space. we felt a bit put out by the entourage taking all of the spaces and words were often exchanged over these petty territorial disputes.
he didn’t have to be so nasty…