Listen to this fantastic mashup of Pearl Jam's 'Jeremy' and the Footloose theme


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Umm, no. Just no.


That was bizarrely amusing.


I couldn’t last longer than the first chorus. I respect the talent, time, and effort, but I just couldn’t.


This worked disturbingly well.


Syncing tracks is not for the non-obsessive. Kudos to the talent and patience, but it wasn’t enough for me to listen past about 20 seconds in.


Although i agree that the beginning was somewhat awkward, i think you should both try again. It gets pretty damn good at the end.


I can play this game too :wink:


It gets pretty damn good at the end.

It’s not that - “Jeremy” is about a high school kid who shot himself in front of his class. Knowing that makes it a little too jarring for me, personally, to mash up with bouncy Kevin Bacon. ymmv, i think i’m a little on edge, today.


No. Your reason for being uncomfortable with it makes perfect sense to me. I though it was just musically that you didn’t like it.


You’re quite right to feel the way you do. After listening to this mashup though i actually am reminded of the original and have a deeper appreciation for the song Pearl Jam made about the event, Eddie Vedder is an amazing performer and i get a sense of rage and sadness even while listening to the mashup. I can understand why you aren’t amused by it, bullying and suicide is something i’ve seen with increasing frequency this past year.


it turns out that two things I hate mashed together are still two things I hate.


Nice to see SCTV’s Shmemge Brothers lifted from “The Last Polka”. I had forgotten about them.


I quite like both things. It was still like ice cream and gravy.

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