Alarming lawyer ad


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Wow, he looks like more like Barry Zuckerhorn than Barry Zuckerhorn.



saul goodman and steve buchemi had a love child older than either of them.

also, that got dark quick…lol.


I totally had him and Bob Loblaw confused; too many Happy Days alum cameos, I guess…


Wow, Fred Armisen has really stepped up his make-up game!



Here for Arrested Development references. Not disappointed.

  1. He said he’s out for vengence, but where is his Wildy Hunter in .475 Wildey Magnum? How can you expect to to reap vengeance with out a Wildey Hunter in .475 Wildey Magnum?

  1. Oh shit, I spend so long looking this up, I forgot my other joke… It might come back to me later…


I like Bob Loblaw’s law blog.


Say that five times fast.






It’s all good man!


Out of the graveyard and in to the courts.


Same thing I thought when I saw his photo.
Even used the same image I picked from Google Images…


I’ve got to say, going from the commercial to the doc-short gave me a bit of mental whiplash. He comes off as almost… humane.

Edit: f’ing autocorrect.


Christ that’s a big, heavy, fast moving hand gun round. I’m sure it’s just no fun at all to shoot a box of them at the range. I bet it’s like getting hit in the hands with a baseball bat.


That’s why Hollywood uses blanks :wink:


He’s a local legend.

Gallery of the ads on his website: