Badass personal injury lawyer Superbowl ad analyzed


and here i thought it was for a show on FX


In a great Lowering the Bar post, Kevin Underhill investigates the ethics of the ad, and explains how it stays on the right side of the law.

Most of the post discusses legal ethics and the GA bar association’s rules as opposed to “the law,” which is really only discussed (for reasons that rather escape me) in terms of his use of the sledgehammer and setting fire to a fake cemetery.

Looked like the premiss of a TV show to me.

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Better Call Saul!


i think Saul Goodman has to up his game. that tagline seems a little lightweight now.

This definitely needs to be a TV show.

It made me wanna go watch some reruns of Renegade…

It would make a great setting as you could have the “Final Destination” style accident each episode, the investigation and court case scenes and an over arching story line concerning one of Casino’s old criminal scumbag customers out for revenge.

Throw in some bad boy cops harbouring a grudge about the fate of their police chief and some picaresque lowlifes Casino can turn to for help and I think there is enough for several seasons :smile:

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I bet this advert went down very well with its target audience, especially appearing in the Superbowl.

Wow, that sure was kinda badass… I bet the Harleys and bourbon set just lapped it up.

But why did he smash his bro’s gravestone?

Is that an example of one of those spectacularly dumb gestures chosen merely for its impact?

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I would totally watch that.


well, it’s a real life person, so there’s a good chance it’s going to be a show on A&E

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I couldn’t get past the part where he basically says he was defending the guiltiest of the guilty (“the most cold-hearted villains” bit) without the slightest bit of remorse (and also insinuating, via the mobster handing him a wad o’ cash, that he knew what was happening and was perfectly fine with it). Or maybe the best demonstration of remorse in today’s day and age is the smashing of a tombstone with a flaming sledgehammer?
Finally, after all that soul searching nonsense about his brother and corrupt cops, he transitions from criminal defense…to personal injury? Quite the moral wake-up he had, it seems.

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It wasn’t a flaming sledgehammer. It was a sledgehammer with a flaming CROSS on it. Because Jesus fire! Or the KKK?

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He is the Guy Fieri of twisted ankles and slipping on sidewalks.

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That is kind of how the American justice system works though - it’s the adversarial system of justice. Even the most cold-hearted villains are supposed to get competent lawyers. Unless he’s implying that he did something illegal or unethical while defending his supervillains, in which case he should have pointed more of that “lowest of the low” rhetoric at himself

And remember, nothing smashes headstones like Michael brand sledgehammers!

Indeed. Innocent until proven guilty.

That was the part that troubled me. Casino depicts himself taking money in such a way as to suggest (at least to me) that he was complicit in the criminal activity, but hey, because his bro died (for whatever) and he’s smashed the headstone with the flaming whatever, he’s turned the other cheek! What a load.
Great production values but crap storytelling.

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I liked the ad – mostly because I had no idea what it was for (not cars, beer, chips, etc.) and there were pyrotechnics! But really, I liked it because it was so bizarre and un-lawyer-advertisey and ballsy. Also, I’m not in Georgia and I don’t have to deal with the mean streets of Savannah and the toughs running the police department (per Ser Casino’s ad).

I keep having to look twice to make sure he’s not Nic Cage.

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