Albuquerque police chief OKs shooting of homeless man who ran from flash grenade


Jesus Christ, it’s like they killed him for sport.* I only saw the description and not the video.


I find it very easy not to click on such things.


This could have been any of us.

The cops were approaching this guy for illegal camping. Illegal. Camping. You know, perhaps for being homeless.

It’s very clear from this video that the police did not attempt to de-escalate the situation at all. They were there to murder him.


Don’t they have that law in the US where if someone is standing on ground, then they can be shot?


APD current Chief G. Eden was formerly, and laughably, Secretary of Public Safety at the State Police Academy, replaced ‘community policing’ with physical tactics and shoot first training. Lovely fascist.


Git some! Git some! Git some, yeah, yeah, yeah! Anyone who runs is camping illegally. Anyone who stands still is a well-disciplined illegal camper!


Looks like a proportionate use of force to me. He was (probably) homeless and therefore implicitly subhuman, after all.

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If you watched the video, you’d still say “Jesus Christ, it’s like they killed him for sport.”

Seriously. Its bad. Not gory, but bad. And in my opinion it’s kinda one of those things you should watch because words do not do it (or this man’s death) justice.


Makes me glad we didn’t move there. We moved to Nashville instead (maybe not much of a upgrade, but better than getting shot for no reason).

Just another brave victory for Our Troops in the War on Poverty.


The ‘booyah’ from Officer Hero immediately after he puts 3 to center mass certainly suggests a certain lack of concern, shading into overt triumph, at the fact that yet another interaction with the public has been saved from boring him.


its almost as if police are taught human life has no value anymore


I think the guy (The police chief in the comment I am replying to) is obviously a shit bag, but what about this makes him a “Fascist”? I do not think that word means what you think it means. Words and meanings matter.

Here’s the press conference at which the Albuquerque police chief attempts to justify the shooting to death of this man. There’s at least 5 officers present at the scene of the shooting, and it’s justified because the homeless man was apparently a) shot with a taser b) shot with two bean-bag rounds c) detonated with a stun grenade, d) shot three times with live ammunition, e) Booya’d

which makes it all ok. See, the “less than lethal” stun grenade, the taser and the bean bag rounds were all ineffective in the 5 seconds or so before they shot him to death, and the police dog was considered at risk from the threat that the homeless man had issued during the three hour stand-off over illegal camping.

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Oh, and here’s some extra footage showing them putting three further rounds into him and then setting the dog on him to bite his legs, once he’s lying face down on the ground, mortally wounded.


The title of this article is a blatant lie. The videos embedded show that instead of running from the stun grenade, the man immediately dropped what he was carrying and pulled two knives. That action, combined with his close proximity to others, made him a threat to the lives of those present- necessitating the immediate use of lethal force.

Pro-tip for bloggers: When you’re committing an illegal act and have been advised that you are being arrested, do not brandish a lethal weapon at the arresting officers. You WILL be shot.

Absolutely and utterly false. There’s six officers and a dog against one homeless man with two knives.


I think he’s a Fascist (in the Roman sense, not even 20th century). He’s prioritising the observance of rigid law over human life, even to the point of summary execution over a trivial misdemeanour. This is the root of all Fascism: the prioritisation of the State and its efficient functioning, over the Individual.


I wouldn’t sweat it. Our friend Mr Shannon registered explicitly to make his lickspittle comment.