Alex Jones’ traffic drops by half after Facebook & YouTube ban Infowars


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This is why de-platforming of cranks, charlatans and hatemongers is so important. Jones’s own site-o-crazy is still up and running but he wasn’t able to take advantage of the reach and marketing and brand power of FB and YT (or YT’s essentially free CDN for his nutty videos).

Thanks to the bans it’s been relegated back to its well-deserved fringe status where before its deranged fantasies would be presented as “political news” alongside the stories of reputable media outlets (which Jack Dorsey continues to think is just fine).


Would love to brainstorm ways to help the traffic drop by half again.


Hits him in the wallet too I bet, great news.

I’m picturing him in an office surrounded by his unsold weight supplements sobbing as he hears about the verdicts and money awarded in all the defamation suits against him.


Keep the pressure on Jack Dorsey.


While I’m happy that Alex Jone’s traffic has been cut so drastically, this should also serve as a warning in general as to how much it can hurt to have your ability to post to major social and distribution platforms revoked. This sort of thing can swing both ways and I’d hate to see it come back around and hit some otherwise positive but divisive cause in the ass.


They already are feeling the pressure, including addressing the biggest Twitter troll of them all:


It did not. He was wrong.

Wait … that implies he was occasionally right? FAKE NEWS!


But now how will I get my homeopathic nootropic brain pills and chemtrail defense lotion?


Jones makes money like a f2p mobile game - he has a group of diehard whales that constantly provide him money through his store and donations. That’s basically been the case since well before he reached the level of White House credentials, and a I doubt they turned away.


It already did, years ago. Leftist voices have been muted by social media from day one.

What you’re seeing now is a partial return to imperfect balance, not the introduction of a new factor.


Yes, and as his whales die off (my guess is that most of them skew older, male, and less than perfect health), he will have trouble replacing them. And Mr. Jones dwindles down into nothingness. Or at least that’s what I hope.


I am having a difficult time imagining a scenario in which Twitter actually kicks Trump off the platform. Ditching their biggest draw while simultaneously declaring war on the Executive Branch would require far, far more moral courage than the company has demonstrated it possesses.

But man it’s fun to dream right? What would he even do with his stubby little fingers all day?


Stuff like Youtube demonetizing LGBT content or twitter/facebook censoring art and adult content is enough of a warning to me.


Careful what you wish for


Hope this isn’t a hydra-like situation where cutting off one head results in two more growing in its place. Better the devil you know, and all that.


You could always make it up. He does.


You could buy Goop instead. Or not.


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