Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is preparing for New York's establishment Dems to eliminate her district


Do you view @AOC as a typical acquisitive politician, or as a boat-rocker?


Boat-rocker. So much so that even the democrats are willing to sacrifice her, “silently”(gerry-rigging). I do not agree with @AOC on several points of view, but I see the need of having a person doing what she is doing. Let us hope that the stirring that she is causing will led to better solutions and not to dead ends or unpredictable consequences. Human logic is usually not logic.


Good luck trying to get that leopard to change its spots. :smile:


I’ve yet to see any solid evidence democrats are “willing to sacrifice her”.


You do not have to notice this for the fact to occur. Usually the public does not have access to the backstage.


Do you have this backstage access, then?

Or is this just a case of people clinging to a narrative where the Democrats always betray the Real True Progressives, despite it looking like they’ve embraced AOC as a new and promising representative when you look at what’s going on in the congress?


No, I am part of the public, and i am not even American. But from prior experience with any politician I had, we have to read between the lines, they will do (usually)what is convenient for them and not for the people. You can tell a lie, speaking only the truth. Look for the word choices that they make, this is a telltale of what they really mean, without saying it. They try not to contradict themselves.

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