Alice on a ladder, reaching for a book tattoo


Symmetrical book stacking. Just like the Philadelphia mass turbulence of 1947.


Always handle books by their spines. And vice versa.


You’re right, no human being would stack books like this.

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Beautifully done - but - whenever I see a nice tattoo I try and visualise what it will look like on the body of the wearer when they are 70 years old and living in a retirement home. A conversation starter maybe?

There probably isn’t a single part of the body that will be better for the extra 50-ish years of operational wear, tattooed or not, so why let that problem affect your decision now?

(I can see arguments for/against tattoos that have a shorter timeline to relevance, I’ve no doubt that more than a few people are glad today that they look ‘respectable’ once they put on a collared shirt, if only for employment purposes; but ‘aesthetic value at retirement’ seems to be veering dangerously close to Keyne’s little quip about what we all are in the long run…)

Why would Alice reach for a tattoo of a book?

Always bookle spines by their hands?

Personally, I’m looking forward to my own sojourn at the Happy Hollow Home for the Marginally With-It, surrounded by pierced and tattooed and bald and bespectacled Gen-Xers, tottering down the mint-green corridors, pushing their hover-walkers with the faded Iron Maiden stickers on them.

That day looms disturbingly near.


It might be the hideous jpeg artifacts at work, but there’s something about this image that feels 'shopped to me… like someone put an overlay of a warped 2D image to fit the photo. Nice idea though.

I had spinal surgery a couple of years ago with a good 10-12" incision right along that stack of books.

On one hand, a tat like this would be a cool way to cover up the scar but I’m trying to imagine the surgeon cutting into me while saying to his assistant- “ok, let’s start here at Moby Dick and work our way down to Tolstoy.”

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I know this will sound sexist, but because it’s about teenaged boys it’s almost unavoidable. They ought to put this as a poster in every high school library, it might encourage more teen boys to read something other than the manual on how to get a driver’s license.

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All photos on the net are shopped. In fact, the physical world ceased to exist in 2007.


When I see such back tattoos I wonder how they’ look on my back tracing my scoliotic spine.

It might be cover for a long scar from surgery to correct severe scoliosis.

You were right, it does sound sexist.

Because she is a tattoo too. When on skin do as the tattoos do.

You know who cares about what the back of a 70 year old looks like?

No one.

Well I dunno, theoretically other 60 to 80 year olds might be into that.

Helen Mirren is approaching 70.