Alien creature hunt (1963)

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For some reason I now want a cover where that alien is getting it’s flesh ripped by a swam of weasels.


Or humans.


From the text I think that’s what you get in the first few pages.


D’aww, I was hoping the link would have the actual comic.

Does someone remember the story of this one? How did the alien make them understand?

Is this one of those tragic stories where the alien dies in frustration and agony?
Or one of those really tragic stories where the humans only realize too late that they killed a living, thinking being like themselves?
Or one of those really, really tragic stories where this misunderstanding sets off an interplanetary war that the humans cannot hope to win?
Oh! Maybe it’s just one of those ironic stories where the alien dies accidentally and when his companions come looking for him, they suspect the humans of being unliving and unthinking! Aha!


I want to see swarming, dammit!

(and some flesh ripping wouldn’t hurt too)

(and while I’m at it, how about a scantily clad she-alien)

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This reminded me of an old Ghost Rider comic I remember reading as a kid. The first comic to actually move me emotionally.
From what I remember, Ghost Rider and a few others were battling a giant golden dude. They won the fight, and the golden guy shed tears as he lay dying. The last panel was Ghost Rider pushing his bike home, out of fuel, alone in the dark, on a long stretch of desert highway.
I wish I could source it.
Is anybody familiar with this?

Maybe if he had a radio collar, the hunters would know he’s protected and not game.


How can I make them understand? …I’m a living, thinking being… till they’re just a little closer…


Did you see this? A happy mutant isn’t an alien, but i worked hard on that photoshop and hardly anyone saw it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey - that’s pretty good. Whats funny is it seems like Mark is just day dreaming while killing the weasels. Like what he could make out of their skins?


Now THIS is the sort of madness I think of when I hear the name “DC Comics”! Their many bizarre anthologies of the 60s-70s picked up where EC left off.

Especially if the planet is situated in the Dwarf Nebula.

Since the alien is not wearing a hoodie, it might stand a chance. :confused:

Was it this guy?

Ghost Rider removes Manticore’s armor and discovers that the mercenary was an amputee and his hind legs were completely mechanical. Apparently an employee of Brand Corporation promised the Manticore bionic legs as payment if he was successful with the retrieval of the Hellcat suit.

So, the weird creature with tentacle arms is Donald Trump, and we are all cowboys on horseback shooting at him.

I think that’s the analogy being made here.

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I miss Mad (Mean?) Monkey Mondays.

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Unfortunately no. The big golden guy I remember looked pretty much like an ordinary person, only big. And gold. He may also (or not) have been on a horse.

Okay, what time frame we talking about? The original run (1968-81), vol.2 (1990-98), or are you even younger than that?

Ooh, are you up for the challenge? It’s one of those things that’ve been playing on my mind for decades.
I must’ve read it around 1978-ish, but it was a little tattered even then, so a couple of years prior to that.