All aboard the Alabama shit train!


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TFW you’re speechless due to being paralysed by too many options


It’s just another example of affluent effluent taking advantage of the poor.



No doubt Alabama’s business-friendly approach to regulation will lift them from squalor any day now.


Headline containing “Alabama Shit Train,” I assumed Roy Moore was running for something…again.


Alabama Shit Train

my new band name


This is a terrible/fun story

I can’t wrap my head around what’s fun about this story of people having to endure this for months.


I guess the “fun” part is all the joy that witty-in-their-own-minds types can have with poop jokes and deep-south stereotypes.


My brother lives in NYC and I live in Boston, and he’s told me he hates Boston because “the people there think their shit doesn’t stink.”

That’s the first thing that came to my mind reading this.


The smell that just won’t go away. Or! How can I miss you when you won’t go away.


Re: Shit Topics, like constipation due to blocks up ahead…


Alabama is a state without a lot of money.

Is it? Or is it a state that shifted its tax burden onto the poor and middle class?


“…where there’s a lot of money involved, someone’s going to get screwed shit on.”

That was too easy. I can’t believe you missed it.



The area around Kennett PA has smelled of feces for a hundred years.

The mushroom farmers in Avondale say it smells like prosperity.

The mushroom pickers say it smells like a road to El Norte and tuition for their children.

The people in the surrounding countryside say check which way the wind’s blowing before you hang out your washing or open your dining room windows.

The entitled snowflakes* shopping for hobby farmettes say it’s intolerable and how dare a productive agricultural stench pollute their tender, pale nostrils. (They don’t care about carcinogenic auto exhaust and factory smoke, or course, it’s just natural stenches that cannot be tolerated.)

It’s interesting to see the situation turned on it’s head in Alabama; with the feces of the urbanites impinging on (relatively) rural folk. Google satellite views shows the landfill down the road from Parrish is bigger than the town!

* I edited this to include the word “snowflake” because that’s the word that people from Avondale would probably use. Originally I said privileged outsiders, but that doesn’t really convey the depth of the cutural divide.




Why should there be ‘raw sewage’? Didn’t this material get treated before loading into trains?

Does nobody else handle sewage in the manner that Milwaukee has used for over 100 years? It’s made into fertilizer called Milorganite.


I know, right? Imagine the disaster if even one of those containers leaked, the train overturned or, god help that town, caught fire.

Raw sewage is nasty shit.


I wonder if that was filmed before or after that city’s cryptosporidiosis outbreak.