All hell breaks loose as a buck trashes a salon

-8 Points for not using “Things get buck wild in a salon.”

+8 points for that niiiiiceeee rack.


Everybody knows you can’t get a cut and style for only one buck, though.


Yeah, being stomped on by a buck potentially weighing up to three hundred pounds and/or being sprayed with shattered glass. There are some opportunities for injury there. (And since she was likely in shock and the video lasts only a few seconds, they wouldn’t necessarily be immediately obvious, either.)

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you know the effect do you really want to scratch the surface

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Why did the blind buck crash into the salon?

No-eye deer.

I’ll get my coat


Untitled Deer Game is going to be lit!

What the buck just happened :interrobang:

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Well, to be fair, that is sorta’ their bag.

Addressing a point that no-one else has picked up on - I would not be interested in having my hair cut at any salon where, apparently, everything I say and do is being recorded for posterity. Is someone monitoring customers in real time? The camera starts out pointing at the shopfront, but pans left to follow the deer.

Deerja vu.


I think it’s an artifact of conversion to Twitter’s narrow video format. Other versions of the video have a wider, static view that does not pan.

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I know a guy named Buck who would do this.


When I was a little kid, I thought “saloon” was a misspelling of salon (when it’s almost certainly the opposite). I was disappointed to not see any cowboys and gunslingers playing poker, just some old biddies getting their hair done.

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Blue hair. I never understood that.

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