All the reasons why felon Michael Grimm is the ideal GOP candidate


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It is time to find a new Photoshop trick.




No, the next obvious step is anuses and I don’t want to see that.




Roger that!


Weeeeell, Grimm may have a shot, but I’m not aware of anyone who thinks Arpaio has a credible chance in the election.

At any rate, it’s certainly way past time we started putting white collar and Congressional felons in real prisons for real sentences – not minimum security country clubs for a couple months.



See also Don Blankenship, coal exec who went to prison for conspiring to evade health and safety regulations, which contributed to the deadly Upper Big Branch mine explosion. Now running for U.S. Senator in West Viriginia.


Is that the same Don Blankenship calling Mitch McConnell “Cocaine Mitch” because of some Bannon/Breitbart conspiracy theory?

Why, yes, it is!


Republicans don’t want anything to do with Don Blankenship, to the point they’re not even campaigning against him by name because they don’t want to lend credibility to his Senate attempt.


Wow, that’s next-level. Please never post it again…



What kind of sick fuck breaks boys in half?


Modern day Republicans?


No one want to go off on Staten Island, his home base? They deserve him. Staten Island is simply a piece of suburban New Jersey that has managed to scam its way into New York City’s low residential property taxes. But not just that, by being a voting block that must be bought, they have managed to scam a free Staten Island Ferry for themselves while everyone else pays to commute. Overall a strange piece of New York City.


This common bully grimm is the mirror image of the current crop of gop predators. He likes to hurt people because he has the power to do so. That power to hurt others is understood by modern republicans especially if the “others” are poor, non-white, and refuse to kiss gop ass. The political swamp is too shallow and the scum has risen to the top.


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