All you have is video of a woman talking to the cops. Is she guilty?


Not in Kentucky:

“A confession of a defendant, unless made in open court, will not warrant a conviction unless accompanied by other proof that such an offense was committed.”

-Ky. Rule of Criminal Procedure 9.60


The accident. You had joked about the traffic, over the previous
days. There is something about scooters and Italians that is comical.
But the thin veneer of blood soon takes that away. You can’t remember
much more than the skid, the collision and the shock. Friends and
relatives organised everything–getting the body flown over, the police,
the papers, etc. Gave you room to grieve. But you’ll always remember
the way the scooter flicked her into the air as if she were a feather.
And the way she fell as if she were lead.

Being of a certain age* & sensibility, I was never drawn into the broader video game thing. I’ve dabbled in a (very) few pc & console offerings & of course a smattering of mind numbing mobile time wasters, but the entire prospect of developing FPS, or “rip-out-your-opponents-lungs-on-a-computer”, range of “skill” sets holds NO appeal.

As portrayed in this article, however, “Her Story” seems to be a unique conceptual approach & more … cerebral, maybe. I actually really look forward to checking this out!

  • (I witnessed the Rise of Pong; I played Asteroids, Joust & I loved Qbert; I presently number among the crotchety “Get off my lawn!” oldster demographic)
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There is an axiom which underlies police philosophy.

Everybody is guilty. You just need to find out what they are guilty of.


I’m so glad you’re here! The vast majority of folks have some acquaintance with games, but no longer have the energy or money to keep up with the high cost, repetitive themes and occasionally gross culture. What we’re gonna try to do with Offworld is highlight the cool, fun and weird stuff lots of people don’t often get to know about or try. You can be interested in games again!


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