All you need to know about terrorizing people over cartoons is in this South Park clip




If your God is so powerful, let him stand up for himself. Oh? Nothing? Not so great after all. Huh.


Blocked by viacom. Although that still seems to fit the headline


The video has been pwned by The Man.


All you need to know about America’s broken Copyright system comes when you try to watch the video…


Where Who is your god now?!


The Internet never forgets


Let’s all enjoy the full episode because Viacom are fucking cunts.


Do you see what happens?


…and IT’S GONE!


Viacom is a stupid piece of shit that doesn’t understand that videos on the Internet are like a fucking hydra.


For those of us without 20 minutes to spare, to what part should we jump to view the 52 second clip?



I’ve been watching South Park and, by coincidence, reached this episode just today. Even the DVD version has the censoring, so your video link is the only way I could hear the final speech they give. You know, the final speech that doesn’t mention Muhammed at all, and only conveys the sarcastic message that violence gets you what you want. Censoring Muhammed’s name and image could, arguably, be justified as Comedy Central just trying to protect their employees. Censoring the final speech, however, is staggering in both its irony and cowardice.


You see what happens Larry? You see what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps?


Thank you for this awsome exhibit of where we are now.
… with some input from Viacom, and then teapot, and Viacom again …


Start at 18:00.
Nevermind, they’ve taken down the full episode now.


South Park had some of the most culturally relevant episodes around that time.

One of my favorite still is the two part episode where the terrorists attack our imagination.

Has an awesome rip on Michael Bay on that one that still makes me chuckle when I hear it.


… aaaaaaaand it’s gone.


Any chance at a transcript of the speech?